Top 10 Survival List

Sensible Prepper Presents: Top 10 Survival Items for the beginning Prepper. These are for "Bunker In" situations.

1st Aid Kit
Emergency Radio
Flashlight w/ Extra Batteries
Security (Firearm w/ 100rds of ammo and/or other defensive tools)
$100 cash
Fire Starter Kit
Cook Stove



  • Jaffa Sholva

    I wish i could get a gun here. The sheeple in this country are scared of them. 20 years ago, one could carry a gun, no problem. These days you get 20 years in jail for posession. Never give up that right!

  • Debora Tessman-Mc Kenna

    Add a manual can opener to your list.

  • National Cyber

    There are a lot of components to prepping.
    One plan I discovered which succeeds in merging these is the Survivor Crusher System
    (check it out on google) definately the most useful survival resource that I have ever seen.
    look at the incredible free video.


    One American gallon of water per day for survival.

  • Prepper-Nord

    Nice Video! Thanks! In my opinion, its the best Prepper Start Video, because you’re not talking all thr time about Firepower 🙂

  • Bruce Forster

    There were two events that made me a prepper- The windstorm that mangled the Oregon Coast in 2007….We had NO backup power/lighting, NO extra Fuel, 4 Days of food; Roads were opened back up on day 5 & we got power back on Day 6. We were two days without food-NEVER AGAIN!
    Then Hurricane Katrina-NUFF SAID THERE!

  • Anne Jarvis

    ive personally found this video to be one of the best for starter preppers, as i am. very basic but informative. one thing video makers need to mention is single female preppers. ive found this lacking in almost every video ive watched. not everybody has a man/male to protect them or help with prepping so addressing single females of all ages is crucial too.just saying!!!

  • ErikSixx

    thank you

  • Kevin X

    4 years later and this is still relevant advice.

  • Thamesuser marcel

    Lists can go on forever but great start

  • Justin Kleeberger

    how would a few 5 gallon buckets be for storing water? Or do you have any suggestions on cheap and safe water containers?

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