Top 10 SHTF Communications

Sensible Prepper Presents: Top 10 SHTF Communications. Comms are vital in an emergency situation and Cell phones could be shut down in certain situations.

1. Cell Phone
2. Multi-Band Scanner
3. AM/FM Radio
4. Weather Radio
5. Shortwave Radio
6. FRS Radios
7. GMRS Radios
8. CB Radios
9. Marine
10. Ham / Amateur Radio

A Big thanks to Day at MrHamAndPrepper Channel.
Thanks for watching! Sootch00



  • docoluv9

    Durring an shtf event do we still need an ameture radio liscence?

    • docoluv9

      +HoneyBadger367 for real tho lol i would imagine that that wouldn’t stop whatever govt. Would be left in trying to find and arrest the offenders.

    • Maverick44

      If there’s an emergency situation going on, I doubt the Government is going to be looking for people who are using a radio without a license (especially if they’re using it for a legitimate reason), let alone actually find you. I do not think you need a license to operate a short range CB or a similar handheld device. Long range Ham radios do require a license, though if your going to go through the trouble of bulling all the equipment, setting it up, and learning how to use it, you might as well get the license. It’s not hard to do.

    • Skeptic100100

      Lol…on the serious side though…It is legal for ANYBODY, licensed or not, in a life threatening situation to transmit for help…Cheers !

    • Paul

      In a case where life/ limb/ property is involved, any means of radio communication can be utilized by the parties involved (even police frequencies). This is regardless of a declared emergency condition. But it better be justified.

  • Samir Melje

    96% of people on the world don’t care about north american laws and regulations, because we are living in other countries and we don’t have so restrictive politics about walkie talkies. We don’t need no license or certificates to talk on some device you bought in store.

    • IanMShooter

      yes you do, most countries are subject to radio rules of the U.N. countries tailor those basic rules and make their own laws.
      just because you can buy one without a licence does not mean you are legally allowed to operate it on bands.

    • SirStevanco

      Very interesting, which one is this country where you do not have any rules regarding radio communications and do not need licenses to operate on most of the frequencies? Please answer.

    • Never Mind

      +SirStevanco PagoPago or Haiti, maybe.

    • Never Mind

      +SirStevanco – Roger that. PagoPago and Haiti were stated in jest. The hatred you speak of towards the US and its citizenry is directed by losers with no lives who are jealous of Americas affluence and freedom.This country will be the first they beg from when they hit bottom. Haters hate. They are self haters first and foremost.

  • mark williams

    Would someone explain to me what SHTF stands for ? Is it a USA thing ?

  • mark williams

    Great video. Very helpful for several reasons. Have all these types of radios. For communication and electrical shut down its very important. Use car, motorbike and regular batteries for just such an emergency. Thanks for heads up on this type of equipment.

  • Christian Prepper

    9:00 Except in the event of a national emergency….no license is required.
    So having one set aside in a Faraday Cage in the event of an catastrophic event (i.e. EMP) would be prudent.
    Besides, even if I’m wrong I doubt any govt agency will sue me or charge me after they put the world back together.

    • Randall Chastain

      One the things I would encourage if using ham radios. Be familiar with how to use it. Just keeping them around will not do you much good if you don’t know how to operate it. There is not a whole lot of direction in the box when using a ht (handheld transceiver). Get licensed and get familiar. It’s worth it.

    • Christian Prepper

      Randall Chastain I agree. My wife & I will take whatever course or class necessary to know everything we need to know, not just how to so use ham radios but we’d like to learn how to repair, maintain & build antennas. As for getting the license we will most likely do so because handhelds are mobile but we’re never eager to sign up on another govt list, so we may just become proficient without the actual govt stamp of approval.
      Thank you for you insight.

    • Randall Chastain

      I just got licensed like 2 weeks ago. I have been tinkering with handhelds for like 2 years and I will tell you something. Taking the class and passing the test gave me so much more knowledge than I thought it would. these little handhelds are capable of way more than I thought. And there is quite a bit more to them than I realized. My wife just ordered me a new one for Christmas. I am anxious to use it and become familiar with it. Merry Christmas. Keep the faith.

  • Mike W.

    Most Police is digital encrypted.

  • Mike W.

    Hot tip. Two handheld radios talking apart. One radio vertical antenna oriented. The other horizontal oriented. You loose 50% power receive sensitivity. Teach your tribe to talk vertical to vertical not gang bang sloppy horizontal. FACT

  • Mike W.

    Hot tip CB radio must have antenna SWR at low ratio. Google SWR antenna.

  • Mike W.

    Your radio is only as good as your antenna. Think

  • tanh van

    which is the best and why?

  • Chad Bell

    Radios are far better than relying on cell phones. Numerous times in my life living in Texas near the Gulf of Mexico we have often had serious problems do to Hurricanes which leads to no communication and having a radio has been a big help.

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