Tool Roll Survival Kit

Sensible Prepper Presents: The Tool Roll Survival Kit. An organized way to put together a Survival kit that's compact and yet easy to find what you need when you need it. EDC Tool Bag Article & Video:

Build an EDC Tool Roll

Skinny Medic Medical Supply:

Amp-3 Medical:

Going Gear:

Tinder Torch:

Griffin Pocket Tool:

Thanks For Watching~ Sootch00

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  • Hazel Nichole

    Awesome, thank you for sharing what you got in yours…God Bless

  • Watching The Horizon

    Now this is a GREAT idea! Thanks for sharing. But… where do you keep the kitchen sink? That is amazing, everything is so secure and it is an inexpensive option! πŸ™‚

  • John Pagdilao

    Awesome idea, I love the fact that it is a great way to save space, it’s got me thinking of not setting a few up in different configurations. Thank you and please keep up the great work.

  • OnemancheeseburgerApocalyspe

    amazing video love the idea of using a tool roll

  • Steven Mcbride

    I noticed you mentioned that you might need to water proof the canvas I may have found a solution for you it’s a little more pricey but I think it might be a little more well made check out the duluth trading post fire hose tool roll 49.95 on their website

    • SensiblePrepper

      Thanks Steven!

    • Steven Mcbride

      after taking a closer look at the roll bag I mentioned it may not be as good as I first thought it seems that the pockets are a bit smaller than I first thought

    • Irene Moran

      SensiblePrepper Or you could save yourself the 50 bucks and just roll it up into a large zip lock or other quality basic plastic bag. By the way, I’m a huge fan and love the videos, lots of practical and creative survival practices. Keep up the good work.

    • Lucky Khatun

      Before you buy Survival kit, be sure to checkout the review on my blog first at *williamreviews(dot)net/survival-kit-review* Thanks, Jayson.

  • Canadian Prepper

    DRAMA incoming in 3…2…1… I’m glad my idea is catching on! When the author talks about how it hit him to use a tool roll for survival purposes perhaps its because I have had videos about this on my channel for the last 2 years, not just in a tool roll as in the Urban Survival Tool Roll Kit Video using nearly the exact same roll as in this video, but also the actual dedicated survival roll system I am currently prototyping which is a separate but evolved concept from this. Now its possible that we all come up with these ideas independently of others influence and if thats the case fair enough I’m glad the idea is catching on, if not then in the very least proper crediting of ideas is the honorable course of action. I realize that you likely hadnt come across my vids before and that you are a man of integrity although cant say this about the author of the article your referenced, just thought you should know, I do think your kit is good. -CP

    • thedoobie1

      “…proper crediting of ideas is the honorable course of action.” I think he pretty clearly did credit where he got HIS inspiration from in the video and in the link he provided to the Alloutdoor website.

    • Canadian Prepper

      +sootch00 I was more so referring to the actual “Urban Survival Tool Roll” video (s) that I had done not the survival roll which is a totally separate endeavour in form and function which was itself inspired by the tool roll, albeit the same idea on a larger scale. I did my first tool roll video in 2014 and the second in 2015. These are the videos I am referring to that are strikingly similar to this one. But in all honesty the roll you use in this video is a nice upgrade and the kit inside is also much more comprehensive so kudos to you for making it. The survival roll I made was not inspired by the AMP-3 although I did come across that design post-hoc and wasn’t satisfied due to the size and mesh windows.I don’t care much for trademarks and patents as I have endless ideas for these sorts of things and lack the capital to brand every one, just appreciate the credits when appropriate, it seems that in this case you were unaware I had done “Tool Roll” survival videos before which is understandable.

      BTW Thanks for the sub, hope you enjoy the channel as I have enjoyed yours- CP

    • Colt Rider

      Comments like those above and exceptionally boring videos are why I stopped watching Canadian Prepper’s videos. The narcissistic content of his comment of how every YouTube video must obviously be a “copy” of his, shows that he’s probably not-redeemably narcissistic. Otherwise I might recommend him a decent therapist. Just to let you know that was presented through my “polite” Marine filter. So, it is the polite version. Canadian Prepper, take a little constructive criticism, WATCH SOOTCH’S videos and how he does his stuff. Listen to his tone, the way he talks, the way he interacts with the video to his viewers and if you learn a lesson at all from him, HE DOES NOT TALK IN A MONOTONE like most of YOUR videos. That was both my personal and professional opinion on this as I work in the photo, video and graphics industry. Thank you. You’re welcome.

    • MichigansPrepper

      come on CP, this is like arguing about who came up with the first altoids survival tin….. (it was me btw πŸ˜‰ lol)

    • MasterK9Trainer

      “Marine filter” Are you talking United States Marine or are you part dolphin? πŸ™‚

  • Rajbir Dhadda

    does your wife ever question you as to why have all this gear

  • Ch33no

    be great to strap to the bottom of a pack, like a bed roll…..

  • Darien Durr

    Looks like the GAU-21 cleaning kit.

  • Matt Blackwood

    Great idea. I am going to do one of these just of tool type items to keep in my INCH bag. Roll Tide.

  • Yakhont

    Awesome idea. I do want some kind of metal cantine tho. like your new video with the stuff in it.

  • Son of Dad

    That’s slicker than snot on a door knob.

  • Charles Janssens

    OOO yeh, this is a gread idea for a easy Survival pakcet I adore it. Greetings from Brussels.

  • betactical

    Awesome survival kit, very compact for all those itemsπŸ‘

  • steve taylor

    a small dropper bottle with lugols iodine, which is pottasim iodide and iodine mix about 10% strength ideal for cuts and purifing water, but it needs to be made with distilled, ro, or purified water and no use by date easily made.

  • Survival Chris

    Trash bags and extra zip locks

  • alwaysrockn2009

    Great piece of gear. It’s the first roll I’ve seen. Looks like a great option.

  • alwaysrockn2009

    Tried going to their website but had no luck finding the bag.

  • Adam White

    awesome idea im doing it for my vehicle thanks

  • Practical Prep

    Nice Video and great account!! I have watched your videos for a couple years now. I am trying to grow my outdoors Youtube channel. Do you have any tips for helping me do so ?and if anyone wants to subscribe feel free and thanks for the support!!!

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