This was ALL BRAND NEW to us! Q&A

Today we are giving an update on our Jersey cow, Hope, and her new calf along with other lessons we have learned on the farm this summer.

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  • boilerhonkiedude

    You’re reaping the benefits of listening to that “wee-small voice” & it is glorious when we see His plan unfold before us, sometimes in spite of what we do. May God continue to bless you all!

  • Kathryn Turnbull

    I clapped with delight when finding out that your parents were moving to Missouri! Best of luck to them on their house sale. Prayers sent.

  • Carol Massey

    Sweet corn planted side by side two weeks apart will often pollinate at same time depended on weather when planted. Some separated plots or use a 4 week spread. If planted same time in cool or damp weather the later will catch up with the earlier maturing at same time.

  • Wesley Whitton

    I prefer this to live feeds any day.
    When you drop the coyote, let it lay.
    Others will find it, and be deterred.
    Happy the family is moving there!

  • Kevin Rowbotham

    When you see a yote coming into the yard, right then is the right time to put the crosshairs on it. Don’t wait for it to get brave enough to take half your ducks before you take action.

  • Ellen Clayton

    Coyotes are extremely dangerous. When they are done eating your small farm animals they get pets. When that is done they start stalking small children. I am glad you were able to neutralize the threat. Kevin I see that you regularly wear Menards “t”‘s. They should pay you for advertising for them.

  • H Morgan

    What a blessing to have your parents move. I am so happy for you all. They will be safe with ya’ll now. What a great decision your parents made.
    Sarah, so true on God’s timing and guidance. He is awakening so many of us to these times. Thank you LORD. Be safe and I love watching and learning from this vlog. Thank you so much. 🙏😇

  • Christina Elliott

    Don’t you just love it when all the pieces in life fall into a comfortable and beautiful way? You are indeed thriving in your lives together.

    • William Potter

      That’s what young people don’t get. You only reap what you sow. Keven and Sarah and the kids have been working hard for 8 years homesteading and 4 years on the Missouri homestead. I don’t think you will ever see happy satisfied faces on a snarky kid who is spending all day gaming on a computer like the satisfaction on their faces. Such a lesson for us all …

    • North-n-South Homestead

      @William Potter I agree

    • Christina Elliott

      @William Potter As a high school English teacher, I’m office confronted with countless opportunities to SHOW students that DOING can lead to benefit and reward. Rarely are benefits and rewards given without thoughtful effort first, and often that effort must be consistent over a long period of time for the greatest gains both personal and for our families and communities. I also remind my students that CONSEQUENCES is my most effective TEACHER.

    • William Potter

      @Christina Elliott Thank you very much for what you have chosen to give your life to. On a slightly different tangent, I was just thinking today how so many of our TV shows and movies are about regular kids who just get super powers for no reason and become heroes. It shows me that kids now think that’s the only way they can control their lives and mean something. Kevin and Sarah have found a way to achieve that without magic. You are teaching your students the same thing. PS. You can correct my grammar and spelling. Thanks again. If we had a million of you, this country would be on a better track ….

    • Christina Elliott

      @William Potter Mr. Potter, you are too kind. But as you no doubt noticed there was at least one typo in my response. I don’t impose Standard American English on anyone (unless their in my English class writing a formal essay) because language is evolving. But most of all, I value people over the language they use to communicate. About children and magical thinking… It takes a diverse village to raise children and maintain the world we live in and move closer to one we all want to live in. There is a movie “The Magic of Ordinary Days” (a love story) that looks at the ordinary events and happenings in our lives as the stuff from which fulfilment of our dreams comes. It’s taking actions, some small and some large, and moving toward our making our larger dreams a reality that is magical.. The world of entertainment offers for me a temporary escape from reality to be enjoyed just occasionally, while children and teens often see it as a requirement of their day-to-day lives. Reality (not found on TV or entertainment) is magical to me. My cup runneth over with joy and appreciation for the ordinary.

  • Teresa Rodgers

    And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

  • Cathryn Young Smith

    A donkey would be good for protecting livestock.

    • lifgrenj

      If you want a guard animal please start with a newly weaned one who will grow up claiming you and all your animals as his and not as enemies. Older ones that do not know you or your critters can be mean, and besides, the babies are adorable.

    • George Hebert

      Cathryn Young Smith that’s so true.

    • Tamera Dietrich

      Our farm received a male jack donkey full grown. We spent time with him getting him used to a routine. He has been great with all our animals. Just remember to keep your dogs away from them. You need to have a full size donkey. Miniature donkeys will not work. We also take donkey manure and spread around the outer edges of the farm to deter coyote and fox.

  • Eva Bløcher

    Life is beautiful! I was crying a bit when you told us about your parents. It is fantastic how Henry is already playing and running away from Hope. Best regards to you all.

  • Vivian

    Wow! I have tears in my eyes with happiness for all of you!!! This is truly a wonderful testament to how God works for the good! I LOVE IT!!! So funny too because as you talked about this second property and the coyote I thought my goodness with no one living there you will surly have more and more predators moving in….I forgot your folks were staying there…but still now this will just be such a blessing to have them looking over things for you while you are on your other place…just absolutely perfect!!! Blessings for each of you and for the wonderful example you set for everyone who knows and follows you!

  • CV Jones

    When the Holy Spirit lays something on your heart, you will be taken to a place you never expected. So blessed by your story.

  • LindySellsHomes

    Live feeds take too long, the first 15 minutes are greetings only, no content. Make them short.

  • Chris 3M

    Talk about feelings. When you told us your folks were coming for the summer my 1st thought was they would love it in Mo. and end up moving. Great news I’m so happy for you.
    I too prefer this to live feed.
    Never knew that info about dropping a predator.

  • Brian Fletcher

    Get yourself some donkeys to prevent coyotes. They will kick the living daylights out of the dogs.

  • Patsy Grace

    What great news that your parents are coming to move there permanently that’s wonderful….wonderful for them, wonderful for you and wonderful for the grands….I’m so happy for you….good things happen to good people this is proof❤️

  • Rachel

    YAY! NO MORE COYOTE!!! Even though it’s legal where I live that would get me run out of town here. Apparently I’m supposed to feed my stock to coyotes, bears, and mountain lions because they’re so “cute”, so every time I hear of a farmer wiping out a problem pest animal I take a little heart and remember just a little more that I’m in a crazy place and the rest of world is still normal.

  • Deep South Homestead

    Guy’s so glad your parents are moving out by you. Great job on taking the coyote. Little Henry will be a blessing in the future.

    • Judith Miller

      Are your folks gonna move into the farmhouse on the new property

    • royal dame

      Love you guys!

    • Margi Mackowski-Seif

      Amen on that cayote! It may have been rabid to be dating enough to come up during the day. There was, obviously, something wrong because it is normally a pack animal and he had been cut out of his pack. Also, Henry could have been in danger. A cayote doesn’t have any compunction about taking down a larger animal if he is hungry. Bottom line, they are nuts!
      Contact Hoss for seeds. They always seems to have seeds.

  • Cheryl Maloney

    I prefer the Question and Answer sessions to any Live Stream Events. I find the Live Streams a waste of tome. Too much tome is spent acknowledging people and making comments that aren’t informative. My time is very limited so I am very selective about what I watch. You a Tube is an educational tool for n
    E and that’s why I love your channel. You spend a lot of tome on education. Thank you and Inreally hope That doesn’t change.

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