This CRAZY Thing Turns LEAVES AND THINGS into a Better KIND of Thing!

Solving our organic matter deficiency with SCIENCE and ENGINEERING in a video that is OVER 10 MINUTES LONG and suitable for ALL ADS!

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With just some old t-posts and fencing, we made a compost enclosure that will make compost easily from fall leaves. By alternating with cottonseed meal or another nitrogen source, the composting process is accelerated. Composting doesn't have to be hard.



  • christopher hickey

    James may not have the suspense, but he does have Tuck the Veggie Eating Wonder Dog.

  • flatsville1

    Dude, In the late summer/early fall I build a 6 ft wide wire fencing cage of leaves & what not about 4 ft deep over a new bed area using T posts which stay in place with the fencing to provide trellising. Leave the ends open & you can easily run in a dump cart or wheelbarrow. Close with chicken wire when finsihed.

    Rake off what did not decompose in mid spring. Move that non-decomposed material to a new area.

    This system gives you two 30″ beds with about a 12″ walkway. (Go 6 ft, 6in for perfect dimensions.)

    Easiest bed prep ever.

    • David The Good

      Great idea. Did you take pictures, by any chance? Would love to see it.

    • flatsville1

      @David The Good No. I never have. It’s pretty straight forward as I described.

      One year I strew a good layer of half rotted compost mix before laying down the leaves which seemed to alert the worms to get moving. I’m thinking if I lack the compost, a good layer of horse alfalfa pellets might do the trick before placing down the leaves. Shredded leaves work best. Run them over with the lawnmower a couple of times before placing in the rectangular cage.

      I have covered it with a 6 ft wide piece of landscape fabric while it decomposes. It self-waters with rain/snow.

      Lately I’ve been thinking pre-digging the path down 12 inches & filling with woodchips might be good for dispersing more fungal life upfront…though the paths are easier to dig out after 7 or 8 mos of having leaves on top. The idea violates my my more gain for the least work approach.

  • Brian Berrios

    You made your wife fetch?! LMAO

  • Lisa Kukla

    Rachel is the ultimate good sport.

  • Matthew Joyce

    In fifteen years of dumpster diving, I’ve still never found adequate wire fencing. Now that I think about it, I’ve found cigarettes, departed family inheritances, homeless people, ravaging bands of raccoons, drugs, and beer… but never fencing. So, I guess, occasionally buying specific things has its place.

    That 6ft rebar fencing has become a staple in my garden, either way. Great for trellising anything, and the best tomato caging you’ll find, aside from skyscraper skeletons.

    • flatsville1

      I inherited an old roll of old timey wire fencing I could put my hand through. It was the kind that had the wire loop arches along the top. You can still find that kind of fencing. Great for trellising. Red Brand?

  • Evan Sullivan Richgels

    Hey David, regarding your property in the tropics. Do you still own it and plan to go back to it someday in the future. Like maybe half a decade from now or something like that? Just wondering. It’s hard to see al your hard work with the food forest and gardens go to waste. For now I hope your having a good time in bama and back in the states.

  • a4000t

    I thought for sure that hitting that t-post with the tiny hammer would take at least 10 minutes ROFL.

  • Wild Floridian

    I died when the clearasol ad came on! 😂 And then clairol and then the jello… oh man

    • Chip Fyn

      Glad to know I’m not the only one rolling on the floor with laughter. I was starting to think there was something wrong with my sense of humor.

  • Scott Head

    Theater announcer: ‘No one will be seated during the suspense-filled waiting scenes’ 😉

  • Allan Turpin

    Missed the first couple of minutes of the premier, but that wasn’t the only reason to watch again.
    No, I wasn’t seeing things when you made your sweet loving superwife fetch a hammer.
    Yes, I was imagining her hitting you with it.
    Yes, ads interrupting ads is a new low.
    And no, sugar free jello wasn’t ever a good idea.

  • Yudron Wangmo

    It’s still trippy to see you guys in a non-tropical environment.

  • SunnyDaysSandyToes

    Thanks I can’t get these 10 min back. Lol
    I did skip the silly ads and the long pauses. Just wanted to see what crazy contraption you were coming up with.
    Happy composting.
    Green thumbs.
    Not in that order.
    Feeling silly these days.
    My garden is a hot mess of trying, retrying and reretrying things different ways.

  • Chase Davidson

    The ad got interipted by an ad

    • Chip Fyn

      They used to do that all the time on Saturday Night Live, and you always had to pay attention to the ads because you could never know for sure if it was a gag or not.

  • Loriful

    Hiding ads within ads, as much as prigioni’s flailing arms at the beginning scare me, I might have to switch back~ We’ve been collecting leaves from under our trees and are letting them dry out so that we can crumble them into tiny pieces to use as a mulch for strawberries, as using intact leaves just turns into a heavy solid mat, turning everything under it into compost.

  • Gabriel Golden

    I was really hoping for the Calgon “ancient Chinese secret” ad.

    • Chip Fyn

      Oh, that would have been perfect! Or how about “Please don’t squeeze the Charmin.”

    • Rachel The Good

      There will always be a soft spot in the bottom of my heart for “Time to make the doughnuts” and “Beef. It’s what’s for dinner” and the Campbell’s chicken noodle with the big family and the mouthy youngest telling all his older siblings not to eat all the chicken.

    • Chip Fyn

      @Rachel The Good I was thinking “Where’s the Beef?” might be good too. That might be before your time though.

  • Naomi Dunbar

    You know what makes analytics go nuts? Explosions! That’s right. They don’t tell you that, but it’s true. So along with your 10 minute mark, explosions would make your channel grow and get advertised all over, even TV.

  • Rusted Oak Homestead

    How dare YT interrupt your vintage ad with TWO new ads?! The audacity!! Guess that 10min thing worked

  • DeAnna

    When you have kids your tools are never where they are supposed to be.

  • David The Good

    Note: This thing is getting 1′ cut off the top of it ASAP. I definitely got the wrong fencing.

  • vampyrick

    T-post driver was one of the best tools I’ve ever purchased. 😜

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