They’ll Call You A Right-Wing ‘Kook’ | Greg Kelly

‘OBVIOUSLY!’: It’s just a media fabrication, but ‘President-Elect Biden’ is good for business in fake news world, says Greg Kelly. – via Greg Kelly Reports, weekdays at 7PM ET on Newsmax TV


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  • Hcm Lontrau

    They are using the virus to steal the election. President Trump and 300 millions Americans will never let it happens.

  • Missie

    President Trump won reelection on election night. Then they froze the vote and cheated for phony Joe!

    • Toronto Rangers

      How they cheat if Republicans gained seats in Congress. And didn’t you guys get a conservative Justice on the Supreme Court? It just sounds really pathetic and childish to contest this election. Trump barely won in 2016, and barely lost in 2020. Get over it and move on with your lives, the rest of the world has.

    • Toronto Rangers

      @NPC J trump is 0-16 in court cases. So are federal judges deep State Soros paid agents as well?


      sketchy joe

    • Sonaj 6969

      So, I’m watching this the day after they threatened the children of the michigan electors……so we just lost michigan

    • C B

      @Olivier-Pierre de Belmont People who voted for Trump make up 30% of the economy. People who voted for Biden 70% of the economy. Red states are filled with entitled leeches.

  • Eddie Flores

    MSM is leftist socialistic controlled and it is now in the running for KING of FAKE NEWS

    • MERICA 1776

      @Andre JJ why don’t you just post a link instead of being a parrot

    • Andre JJ

      @MERICA 1776 its so entertaining..watching “Ameriku” implode. 4 years a global joke. Republican judges throwing Trumspters out of court. I love it. Just build me my new vette before you start shooting each other, halfwhits

    • Barney Fife

      MSM news is the king of not only fake, but corrupt news. They spread lies and propaganda and sadly, a lot of Americans believe them to this day!! I have family members who believe them and they have banished me from seeing them including my children. I have not seen them for six years, including my only two grandchildren. It is a sad thing for a LOT of families today.

    • MERICA 1776

      @Andre JJ lmfao

    • Dman P

      @Barney Fife You are literally watching right wing propaganda with newsmax. They are clearly pro trump in all things (hint hint). They have backed Trump’s call for fraud despite him losing the election, and despite him losing in court with no real evidence. You are so blind that you’ll rather not see your own family than see reality. When people say Trumpism is a cult this is what they mean. Choosing a wannabe dictator and court documented scammer over your kids? Please wake up for your sake.

  • Teresa D'Angelo

    Dorsey and Zuckerberg learned from our swampy Democratic politicans, deny and deflect.

  • Milford Stoner

    Call me racist, right wing kook or any think. Just don”t call me early in the morning or late for dinner! Trump is my Pres!!!!!!!!!

  • clara swe

    That’s right. Millions of people like President Trump policies and like his style.

    • Janis Lehan

      That’s because he’s not a career politician!

    • John Smith

      @Janis Lehan yes and that stupid clown claims himslef as a businessman but doesn’t UNDERSTAND SIMPLE STATS, 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
      He is neither a politician nor Businessman. simply a CONMAN 😄😄😄

    • Gozaburo RoaNoa

      @John Smith Not a successful business man

    • m747 96

      @John Smith you are a LIBTARD

    • Daniel Barlow

      Never Give In! We the 72 million that voted for the gameshow freak, ordained by providence to spread his holy bings and sacred bongs, might be lower than the 76 million who voted against him, but as god fearing Christians it is our sacred duty to never forgive!

  • Edbert Gil

    Those young supposed journalists are not journalists but rather activists.

    • Adult Colouring Books - Legendarty - Weird & Wonderful Colouring Books For Grown Ups

      They’re not even worthy of the name “activists”. I reckon that “CCP lackeys” would me more accurate…The same goes for Twitter and Facebook et al…

    • Jake Goodman

      I went to journalism school with them. It made me go back to oil and gas. Not exaggerating.

    • Barney Fife

      It was John Swinton, Editor of the NYT way back when who said that they were no longer journalists, but presstitutes paid by wealthy men to achieve a goal not good for the people. Paraphrased. But that was the truth way back when and it is now. They are not journalists but parrots for dictators. My dog is a better journalist. I do believe that in the not to distant future, we will see a lot of the heads of these major media news outlets charged, indicted, and imprisoned for sedition and/or treason. We were told that it would happen, we were not told when it would happen. Thomas Jefferson once said, ‘We can no longer trust what we read in the newspapers’.

    • Myra Alexandra

      They’re propagandists like Joseph Goebbels used to say.

    • C P

      @Jake Goodman

      The phony journalists give me gas too!


    Trump is the president and president-elected of 2020.

    • Adam Hoffman

      He’s not so

    • Harry Murray

      @Adam Hoffman Actually he is, and the evidence supports it. There is no way Biden received over 78 million votes. Keep living in your fantasy.

    • Dman P

      @Harry Murray What evidence? Your buddy Trump had none presented to the courts. Have you read any court documents yourself to see the nonsense Trump’s lawyers even argued? Of course not you just come to newsmax get fed the bull you want to hear and think you’re informed.

  • Peter


  • Diana Nolan

    Keep on them American Patriots we can’t let a communist and criminal in the white house or we’ll never have any votes or any rights!!!!

  • Bong Cayabyab

    Prosecute all people involved in rigging the election results. Time to clean up the US ELECTION mess once and for all!

    • Barney Fife

      They should ALL get at least ten years for crimes against the American people or the like. Whatever the charge, it will be a hefty one.

    • Sandra Signorelli

      @Barney Fife You took the words right out of my mouth, lol. I had said they should get at least 10 years in prison for tampering with the election results. That’ll teach them to never do it again.

    • Aussie Girl

      there has to be justice

  • Tim Miller

    Fake news! Disney is going to have there assets ceased and they will be charged with treason! God bless President TRUMP. !

  • cvcoco

    People who like Trump DO naturally take him seriously, not literally, its true.

  • michael ludeke


    • Earline Corbello

      May not have enough seats in prison…pahahahaha

    • 4dscdriver

      Probably none if Biden takes office.

    • Independent mind

      Because you believe this to be true doesn’t mean it is so.
      The reality is that The People have elected Joe Biden to be their next President.
      That’s a fact.
      There was no fraud. Why? Every single court case gets tossed simply because there is NO EVIDENCE. There’s no two way to explain it.
      That’s a fact.
      Believing something doesn’t make it true. This isn’t fantasyland, this is reality.

  • Sergeant Fury

    Censoring political news is not just a “policy decision”, it is in FACT, ELECTION INTERFERENCE!!!!!! ARREST THEM!

  • Olzhena

    Please, wake me up when everything bad is gone and Trump still my president.

    • T. Rose

      He is still your President till January 20th, no matter the outcome.

    • Jordie Cruyff

      This one will take us some energy, be prepared to go the extra mile

    • C P


      Great name!!

    • Dman P

      @hydroxychloroQUEEN There’s video of proud boys attacking random journalists, and some passerbys. Funny how you’ll see what you want to see.

    • Gwen Cassel

      @Dman P NOT TRUE!!! The PROUD BOYS STEPPED IN only at the point that children, the elderly and families were bring taunted, harrassed and ATTACKED! The warded off the attackers, sheltered the innocent to safety and left. Several excellent videos sowing ENTIRE INCIDENTS are available. Do some REAL research!

  • william moore

    Trump is trying to save America and nearly half the country has no clue, very sad, how did these people become so ignorant, oh wait they believe the MSM, what fools!!!

    • Daniel Barlow

      yeh he is annointed by god to funnel our money to the billionaires and the MIC, he is the chosen one infecting us as we chant 3 word slogans and we cheer as he humps the flag and makes us pay for his golf

    • Dman P

      Says the Trumpie who is statistically less educated and poorer. Funny. Also funny how the evidence isn’t on Trump’s side yet here you are spewing nonsense.

  • Thomas rizzuto

    TRUMP is the Greatest President in American History —-We will always Love and Support YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Èvelyn Short

    Donald Trump is the best President you have guys in all history of America keep fighting for him.Huge support from all of us here in UK.God bless America ✌❤🇺🇸🇬🇧

  • Nikky Alla

    I hope you smash Fox GK. I’m not even watching Tucker anymore. Too much waffle, too much beating around the bush lately.

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