They Left Corporate Life to Farm Goats Full Time

Years ago when Aaron and Liz started their first farm, they had no idea it would free them from corporate life. Fast forward years later, and these once "fake farmers" are now farming full time!


Through their Syman Says Farms Youtube Channel
Liz and Aaron have opened up their home and farm to help teach and inspire the next generation of farmers.

They feel a strong sense of purpose to give back and share their love animals and knowledge of husbandry with those who may never otherwise step foot on a farm.

Together, they shared their tips and tricks of how they manage and keep their goats, chickens and rabbits healthy. In early 2019, Aaron suggested setting up a live stream in the goat barn during kidding season. What better way to educate than to share the birthing process Live?!? A few weeks before the first doe was due to kid, Aaron hit the button that would forever change everything!

The Live Cam quickly became a place of refuge, peace, solitude and community to a great deal of people. Affectionately called Goat Aunties and Uncles, the "Village" supports, uplifts, celebrates, cries and laughs together daily. It's become a place of acceptance and healing.

Aaron & Liz have received countless emails and messages of thanks and gratitude from people all over the world who have said the Live Cam and the goats literally saved their lives or allowed them to be strong enough to seek help for their own struggles.

Liz & Aaron's passion for sharing their knowledge and animals with the community, quickly became about sharing the power of animal therapy AND husbandry with the world!

In this episode we talk about their favorite dairy breeds of goats, selling farm products, and how that lead to them leaving corporate life behind!

Checkout their Website to find all their products and their videos and more!



  • Syman Says Farms

    I still think you just didn’t have the right goats 😉
    Mainly… one of ours

  • Kris West

    I Love Syman Says Farms. Moo is the best. Alpines rule. Thank u for this.

  • Typo Queen

    I love Syman Says Farms and I love their goats. The goats are quite the characters! Gotta love ’em!

  • Susan Battersby


  • JeneenPlans

    Thank you for interviewing our faves. We love Syman Says Farms.

  • Equine Prepper

    Yay it’s uploaded ,Love the Syman Says Farm channel, villager and goats!

  • Dixsigns Romping Rock Dairy

    I like your attitude Aust, goats have been an important part of my life for more than 40 years.
    Thanks for the video and the honesty.
    And boy do I have some good stories! (smile)

  • Break Free Homestead


  • Rich Miller

    Goats are the best. I wish I could raise goats for the rest of my life.

  • Lynn I

    <3 The Symans! Enjoyed the interview and look forward to seeing more at homesteady as well :)

  • Salem Thorup

    If you produced all your food, do you think you could still do your channel and do it at the level you do? I’m gonna guess that’s probably a no. So those of us who want to learn from you, even if we are looking to be more “off-grid” or whatever than you, are so grateful that you just do it the way you do.

  • Yolanda Apodaca-Perea

    Aaron and Liz 👍❤️🐐

  • Michelle Frederick

    As the Syman’s say “Come for the goats ….stay for the family.” It really is true. Wonderful family. 24 hour goat cams are awesome. 😍

  • Darlene Schneckenburger

    I love Syman Says Farm and love that i can have a goat fix 24/7 with the live cams…Aaron and liz and their kids are awesome…Love Bow 🙂

  • Judy G.

    Syman’s goats are awesome! 😁👍

  • NorthlandSLC

    Love the sables here which are colored saanens. The day I picked up my doe Klisses Ruse of Hope as a two year milker I watched as she milked out 8 lbs (1 gallon) in one milking. She is 6 now and milks almost two gallons a day or a full gallon with twins on her at almost 5% butter fat. I milk once a day kid sharing. Takes me less than 15 minutes. Love that breed.

  • Nicky Denny

    Love the symans 🙌🏼🇬🇧

  • ubetchya78

    I’ve been subbed to their channel for a few years. Nice goat set up. Swanky sauce sounds like it’d be a tasty product, awesome that they have a good market for it.
    They deserve so many more subs, at least enough for a play button!

  • Dreamy Jeannie

    Aaron and Liz are amazing, great family, beautiful animals and lots of fun. I’ve learned so much from watching their cams.

  • Yngvarr Bjornson


    I want to get out of the 9-5 (I’m actually 7-7), and get into your life style. I can easily see myself doing this type of work, but I’m trying to wrap my head around HOW to do it. You grow most of your own food, right? And you sell meat to make money. But do you also have a job elsewhere? That’s what I’m trying to figure out, how to make sure bills get paid, especially as I’m just getting started (when you’ve gotta drop thousands into everything you need) How did you adjust? Did you ease into it over time, or did you quit your 9-5 and jump into full time farming? Thanks for your time ^_^

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