As preppers this simple sentence is something we hear every time we try to tell people to get prepared.

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  • james lyons

    Remember to eat all your vegetables

  • Azariah

    Seems it’s time for everyone to WAKE UP !! Good video PP ! Keep sounding the alarm .

  • QueensNative

    We would all like to forget about 2020 Princess, but what if 2020 is just the opening act and the worst is yet to come..

  • Warrior Monk

    “The government will take care of us”. Let’s see how that works out for ya’. They will have plenty of out of date MRE’s at the FEMA camp, if you are naive enough to get on the bus.

  • susan529

    One day soon 2020 will seem like the good ole days I’m afraid.

  • Lavon Babies

    I agree with you100% 😊When I tell my friends to stock up and family they are ways tell me it will always be food don’t worry about it 😄 I believe in stocking up🇺🇸

  • russell glerum

    quail are super easy to raise and they taste good.

    • Mmbohn1

      russell glerum do you raise and eat them?

    • russell glerum

      @Mmbohn1 I only eat the eggs but my daughter eats the quail and eggs. She puts eggs in her incubator and 18 days later she has about 100 more quail. I just started a few months ago so I am a rookie but youtube has tons of videos on quail. I will say that they do generate a lot of poop.

    • Kahea

      I love quail.

    • His Way Homestead

      I agree, we raise quail for eggs and meat. Super easy and fast reproducers. Rabbits are great too

    • L T

      russell glerum I had quail eggs once, and quail, I still remember it to this day. 1x! Unbelievably delicious 😋. I was a child, and didn’t understand what I was consuming. However, as an adult I don’t think I could eat quail. There would have to be no other options for a while for me to feel ok doing it. It just doesn’t feel right.

  • Scott Scott

    I had an aunt and uncle growing up that had five kids they were farmers they only had 80 acres the only cash crop we’re Hogs and milk cows they fed out all of their corn and beans my aunt would go to town once a month for what she called necessities sugar flour yeast coffee cornstarch any material she needed for sewing anything my uncle needed from the hardware store etc etc etc they were the closest I’ve ever seen to anyone being totally self-sufficient

    • Kristy Bohling

      Sounds like my great granny. She lost my great grandfather in WWII and held down the farm. Went to town once a month or so for “essentials” but lived off what they produced on the farm. Strongest woman I ever knew and about the most stubborn too. She would shake her head in shame and disgust at my generation for how incompetent we are and tell me she’s glad I was raised better and taught the right ways by her(she lived with us since before I was born until she died when I was 16) Best 16 years of my life was spent with that saint of a woman by my side

    • Scott Scott

      @Kristy Bohling yeah and they were always busy doing something I can remember they would always butchered chickens for a whole day every fall put them on ice and can them the following day, my uncle would go down to his Timber round up all the trees that have fallen drag them up with the tractors throughout the year or one weekend they would cut wood for winter I can remember my aunt telling my mom it was hard to quit making so much bread when your kids got old enough to leave home she was used to baking for loaves a day for the longest time she had five sons and one daughter they would gather black walnuts from the trees take the skins off and wash them men in the winter setting in the house and crack them open for baking she lived to be close to 90 years old I can remember complaining how a dryer had I had bought only lasted 6 years call me Uncle lyle had bought her one they’ve only ever had one it just seemed easier and quicker to hang them on the line

    • Paul Deland

      Scott Scott – I still enjoy watching reruns of the Waltons. They were such calm, peaceful, honest hard working people on Walton Mountain. The complete opposite of the evil morons of Obama/Trump world – who are all Satanic backstabbing idiots.

    • Scott Scott

      @Paul Deland I kind of still live that way unfortunately age and health problems have caught up to me I still live in the country on a couple acres I still can about 80% of my food still butcher one hog a year take it to the locker to have it processed buy a half a beef from a neighbor every year keep a half a dozen chickens for eggs buy dressed chickens for the freezer from an Amish family up the road I have only left my property three times since March because of the pandemic twice just to go for a ride and wants to go get my flu shot I have lung disease so I can no longer heat with wood so I had to have an LP furnace put in the shack this year but all in all life is good until I turn the news on the TV on

    • Paul Deland

      @Scott Scott That sounds like a good wholesome life. You are truly blessed with peace & contentment.

  • Triple Horn Sheep

    When I lived in town years ago, I had meat rabbits and chickens. I also set up a 40 gallon fish tank indoors and bred tilapia. When the fry were old enough, I moved them to a 2 foot deep kiddie pool in the back yard. Half the yard was critters and half was raised bed garden. Very productive in a very small back yard.

    • Cassie Davis

      I just looked at my city gov site: chickens (hens) allowed in our yard–no other animal, and harvesting animals on our property is not allowed. I’m still reading and wondering what other restrictive laws I’ll find.

    • Christine Maurer

      Raising tilapia like this sounds really interesting….can you recommend any resources on how to do this?

    • kaythegardener

      @Cassie Davis Several cities nearby used to have such laws, but people got together & changed the zoning a city at a time, using a model ordinance… now nearly any city allows 3 hens /lot without any roosters past 6 months…

  • Amagi870

    I have 8 hens and have to say I couldn’t imagine living without their egg production in a survival situation.

    • Susan Schneider-Baker

      The trick with chicken eggs is learning how to preserve them with & without refrigeration for when the hens are not at full (peak) production.
      Carolyn at Homestead Family has a series of videos on egg preservation, George Washington style, too. She good and really does in depth research like PP, plus utilizes what she teaches.

    • Glenda McGee

      Buy as much feed as you can – don’t know its shelf life.

    • Angelika

      Susan Schneider-Baker – you can keep chicken eggs on the counter for up to two months if you don’t wash them.

    • Paul Deland

      Amagi870 – Martha Stewart says “its a good thing”. She is a billionaire with a couple of mansions but she still keeps her hen houses.

    • Lil A

      @Glenda McGee Chicken are omnivores as humans. they eat practically everything — no problem there.

  • Robert Blakemore

    The whole issue is that we in America haven’t seen food shortages on a REAL scale since the 1940s. My late Dad(born in 1911) talked about eating horse meat in WW2-it was legal if so labeled. We lived in the city (before my time) so no big Victory Garden but they always had a small one.Our transport system and mega agriculture supports our large population and that of the world. If it fails,SHTF for real. California produces a lot of agriculture for the U S and it is on fire now.

    • S Jordan

      Sadly, people are still eating horses. They are shipped to Mexico where they are stabbed to death. They also go to Canada, and are treated little better. Women who use Premarin contribute to the abuse of mares forces to stand in stalls and wear catheters to collect their urine, their foals are considered as useless by-products and are sent to slaughter by the thousands. What a sick world we live in!

    • GG Storm

      @Steve Slade interesting thanks love detailed info

    • GG Storm

      @CM Sag daddy said don’t buy highly advertised stuff..paying for adverts

    • Norma Subia

      Bleach from the 99 cent store doesn’t kill the coronavirus

    • Robert Blakemore

      @Norma Subia Bleach is bleach as a previous poster stated,whether it be from Dollar tree or Chlorox. it disrupt the cell membranes on bacteria and destroys the genetic material of viruses. Sodium hydroxide is some bad stuff when it comes to living beings.

  • Nerd's World NYC

    Folks better start getting use to eating one full meal per day and toast or a bagel for supper….just saying.

    • lorna865

      That’s all I usually eat, except I eat the lighter in the day and full meal at night, when my hubby is home. Putting in orders today. My grocery store has 20 things out of stock, from my order history, since the scamdemic. And that’s just my selections, not the rest of the shoppers. It’s the flagship store too. Always stocked. North Carolina here.

    • Avae

      You only need breakfast and one full meal per day. That’s what most people in the world live on.

    • david macek

      I take a daily walk in the park and eat tree bark. Just make sure you eat the bark at least 3 feet off the ground, other wise you could get a piss taste in your mouth. Ha make sure you stay out of the dog parks.

    • Reece

      You’re right. I started last year and I feel so much better.

    • Xenox2020GOW GODOFWINTER

      Three meals per week 200 pushups and some fencing.

  • Cindy Barbarito

    We’re going to have to hunt for our food ?? BUT I DONT EVEN KNOW WHERE LIL DEBBIE LIVES !!!

  • Water Baby

    We are already experiencing a dramatic rise in theft and burglary in my neighborhood.
    There’s a lot of footage being shared, by neighbors, of ne’er do wells.
    They are stealing mail, checking for unlocked cars, front/back doors, gates, windows, and sheds.
    They are also checking under people’s doormats for keys.
    We even saw footage, caught on camera, of a guy going around with a bat.
    He went on a long theiving expedition at 2:00 in the morning, for about a week, until he was finally caught.
    My point is, a lot of creepers will be helping themselves to your livestock/pets too, if they are desperate enough.
    I raised a pair of rabbits as a teen and became attached to them, despite it being made clear that they would be slaughtered.
    The night that they were served up, for dinner, was a revolting experience for me.
    *As a side note, I had a female rabbit as a pet, in college. She stayed at a friend’s house one time, while I went away for a weekend.
    They had a rabbit too.
    The two rabbits spent time together and a short while later, I discovered baby rabbits.
    Having extra rabbits meant extra droppings and urine.
    That’s when I discovered that rabbit pee, stinks to high heaven!
    I have been stocking up on Costco canned chicken/beef.
    I have also been buying Spam, beef jerkey, and dehydrated meats.
    I have also been storing lentils, beans, peanut butter, powdered milk/eggs, evaporated milk, and clarified ghee butter.
    Nothing is fool proof, all we can do is our best.
    Thank you for the great tips and suggestions.
    P.s. Having some plywood, already cut to fit windows and doors, might be a good thing to have on hand, if theiving gets too bad. Just sayin’

    • Cheryl T.

      Trusting InHim. I always said if someone is low enough to assault an elderly person, that should be an automatic life sentence, with no possibility of parole!

    • Karrie

      Rural New England here. Rash of robberies in a nearby town. Stores are being hit repeatedly, one right after the other. All near the police station. One of the stores was robbed twice and is literally across the street from the PD….

    • Puppy Toes

      Karrie sorry to hear that.

    • Timmy

      We got the wood for the windows this week, already got security door and reinforced all our door frames. Also bought better dead bolts and bars to put on the doors (take off when leaving). Make sure you have extra fire extinguishers, that would be one way to get you out of the house so they can come in!!! And for people with 2 story or higher living situations – a fire ladder. No one ever mentions fire ladders!!!!!

    • Karrie

      @Puppy Toes Me too. I think sadly we may all see more of this.

  • esther grace

    This reminds me of Noah and the ark….everybody laugh…and then came the rain

  • Steven D

    buy all the canned beans you can, they are high in protein, you don’t have to heat them or mix with water like prepper foods, and they last up to 30 years.

  • Susan x A

    My grandparents had rabbits during the war. They had a deal with the local butcher. He would take the live rabbits, kill and skin them. He would then keep some to sell and give the rest back for my grandparents. There were 7 in the household. They also grew lots of vegetables and fruit. Never starved. My Dad’s family did the same but they also had chickens. Love from England xxx 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    • ess g

      Thanks for the ideas…maybe I can make a deal with a local butcher like this…again fabulous idea!!

    • Frank prit

      that’s was a good deal:) My grandfather said, in the 1930’s in the south (of course we’ve got to remember that was a long time ago and america was a differant place back then and times were hard.), he said the resturants would have “swamp Rabbit” on the menu’s, which was really muskrat. i guess after it was dressed and cooked it would’nt seem much differant then rabbit.

  • Goat Herder Extraodinaire

    I’m Cuban and I talked to the recent refugees and the food is rationed and they (government) take you off from eating meat after the age of 7 (brain development). There’s shortages of essentials like toilet paper. Being a communist country everyone basically works for the state for about $5.00 usd equivalent. There’s no incentive to work hard because your life will never get better. College is free because who could afford to pay for college at $5.00 a month salary. Yes there’s no heart disease because you’re forced into a vegetarian diet and you have to get around by bicycle or walking because no one can afford the gasoline to drive a car. Communism/socialism has never worked and will never work. Look at what is going on in Venezuela as another example. Food shortages to the point that people broke into the zoos and slaughter the animals for meat.

    • Tammy Gardner

      So sorry about what people suffer in Cuba. I’m glad you are here. Socialism and Communism has to be destroyed!!! Sooo many people suffer. Never would I have thought it would rise here. Every one that wants it should go live there, China, Venezuela and such. With no money and no political power. And see what it’s really like. I’m glad you are here. Blessings to you.

    • S Jordan

      When hunger strikes most people find ethics to be inconvenient. I stopped eating meat at the age of six of seven when I discovered where it came from, I am now seventy-two and do not plan on changing!

    • Rick Black

      Once had a Cuban Landlord… Mentioned something something about Welfare.. OMG! Never mention social services to a former social service survivor.. Cuber

  • Mary Renaud

    In the book “Possum Living” the young author gives extensive information on raising both chickens and rabbits, largely in the basement of a regular suburban home, as the winters were too harsh to have the animals outside. She indicated odors were not a problem with proper cleaning of the rabbit cages and chickens were allowed an area where they could roam around. The animals were used for meat and eggs; they fished as well. A lot of info on surviving with very little income, under the radar of government officials, although now out of date and wrong advice on a few legal issues. Many libraries have this book available.

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