The Way Forward to Christian Victory and Christian Civilization

I’ve included the list below on the About page of New Creation Civilization, but thought it would be a good idea to put it out there where more people could see it.

The thoughts below are what is primarily needed to change the direction of history; for the church, kingdom of God, and the world. As they are embraced and lived out by Christians, it’ll result in a many nations becoming Christian civilizations and under the promised blessings of God to those that obey His commandments as they walk in obedience to their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


The way to victory:

  • … and the men shall lead.
  •  Committed to learning, walking in obedience to, and teaching the laws of God to the nations.
  •  The kingdom of God will be victorious on planet earth; it will replace, not capture, all other kingdoms.
  •  The Bible is to be applied to all areas of life.
  •  Abortion in any form abolished.
  •  Sexual deviancy of any kind not allowed in kingdom of God.
  • Transition out of government schools to home schooling or Christian schools.
  • No false social gospel allowed in churches or kingdom of God.
  • Internal courts to be set up in church, and decisions considered binding on believers (capital punishment is solely under the jurisdiction of the civil government).
  • Take care of widows who are really widows as defined in the Bible.
  • Support developing robust charities to meet wide variety needs (this will help undermine and replace the state as healer and savior).
  • Support the right to bear arms and defend ourselves: we’ll never give up our guns.

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