The No.1 Survival Backpack

Sensible Survival Presents: "The No.1 Survival Backpack" which is the Military Surplus Alice Pack. It's high value for the money spent, it's extremely rugged and Durable, it's highly versatile and the add on Cargo Shelf takes this pack to a whole new level.

The Alice pack has been used by the U.S. Military to over 20 years until the '90's and has proven itself in tough situations. Found at yard sales, surplus stores, gun shows and Ebay, they run anywhere from $25 – $50 and a great buy for the quality received.

Thanks for watching! Sootch00



  • Jeff Brown

    dam right I’ve had one 2000 and it’s still going

  • llltimelll

    eberlestock warhammer is better.

  • Austin Robertson

    I found one for 10 dollars
    at a thift store

  • Fintan

    One of the main reasons I love the ALICE pack and other older(some modern) military ruck sacks is that there’s no bullshit added on to look fancy and different. I don’t need a bunch of different hidden pockets and zippers everywhere(which can make the pack less water resistant). The ALICE is perfect for what I need. I could survive with a ruck that was just one large compartment, but having the 3 pockets is really nice cause they’re the perfect size for some of the “go to” items. I have a med kit in pocket #1, Gore-Tex rain jacket in pocket #2, and canteen with cup, lid, and spork in pocket #3. They all fit perfectly. I stole an idea from MCQBushcraft, and use a piece of foam to keep the large compartment looking full  and uniform. It also can be used as a changing mat and pillow.

    • Fintan

      It’s just funny, I’ve had people get jealous after trying my ALICE pack on and wish they had my pack when they have some $100+ backpack fromt helty or outdoor research or something.

    • Stardust

      There are a few things for surviving any situation
      You never know when things are going to go bad and that is why it is important that you ensure that you have some knowledge about the survival skills in order to keep yourself and your family safe when things go awry. Most of the people just think that these situations are not going to happen but the truth is that these situations can happen any time and it is not just for the end of the world but you would need such survival skills even in times of natural calamities as well and that is why it is important for you to learn such skills and we would be highlighting 3 of such important skills.
      1. Have food stock:
      You need to understand that in times like these, you need to have a spare food stock and you need to have foodstuffs which can last for a longer period of time like canned food and dry fruits like cashews as well. These would provide you with energy as well as other nutrients which are required for surviving as well. You need to ensure that you are having foodstuffs which do not require any additional processing and can be used directly as well.
      2. Find a shelter:
      In times like these having a shelter which can product you from weather as well as other living being is important. If you are out of your home, you have to first and foremost search for a makeshift shelter or you have to think about building one if natural shelters are not available.
      3. Know the dangers:

      (I discovered these and why they work on Marla survive system website )

  • Tomadair1

    Very informative and good reasons to buy an alice pack ,I am considering teaming the pack with The Tatonka Freighter,or Lastenkraxe heavy duty frame pack as its known for exactly the reasons you have given,sure its a few more bucks but it appears to be a good investment,anyway thanks for a really good and fun video ,regards Tom Adair in sunny Australia.

  • Sandro Silva

    Where can I get a large frame really cheap

  • bp93yj

    Converting one of my alice set ups to a hellcat. going to use it for hiking. I love these packs and the durability of them. The new stuff doesn’t seem to be made as well.

  • kvastan86

    my buddies and I have all humped Alice at some point. not a bad pack

  • Bowis

    should I buy the large one for 10 more dollar then the medium one?

  • Brenden Maucieri


  • Brenden Maucieri

    I love you so much

  • Patrick Morrison

    Looks like a heavy pack… There are definately much better packs that would fit a person better and allow you to move faster with more ease and comfort.

  • Charlie Bunn

    Old technology better stuff out there

  • elvis presley

    Perfect video – I use my ALICE LC 2 also around 25 years (I have also LC-1 model), and it is perfect pack. I never used shelf, but it is very useful. Just tell me – at 11:20 those straps should be tightened up by turn buckle back from position in video – am I right?

  • elvis presley

    So ok – I did not wait until end of video to see that you locks buckle 🙂

  • Linda May

    ardy 6464 pretty good video all

  • sin gin

    so there’s life left in the old bag yet

  • Morgan A Moncada

    I bought a large and medium sized ALICE pack with frame for 40$ The packs are interchangeable using the same frame. They are the toughest packs bar none.

  • phillip merritt

    I’ve watched you two different channels I passed it on everybody I know thanks for the information on the Alice pack I’ve got an ALICE pack as a result of your video. I really like your multiple use household item series tell everybody that I think of about it and send them copies of it. I’m a big supporter

  • 2394locke

    Excellent video! If Hikers or weekenders knew just how well balanced and how comfortable the XLarge Alice Packs are, they wouldn’t be spending hundreds on the latest and greatest fashion packs…

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