The Minuteman: Defend, Protect, Provide

Sensible Prepper Presents: "The Minuteman". An American Tradition since 1645. We live in uncertain times and there is a need to be ready to defend, protect & provide for your family and your community at a moments notice.

US Grunt Gear:

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  • Dexter Morgan

    When can I help settlements ?

  • Geoffrey Rj

    could you please make more videos like this?

  • Jason Allen

    Thanks Sootch.

  • alwaysrockn2009

    Great video!!! Love your videos!

  • sopwithtv

    Love this channel and love Sensible Prepper, but some historical corrections are in order here (00:57 into video). Today’s police absolutely, positively do NOT fulfill the role of the colonial Minute Men. The job of the Minute Man was to protect the public against anyone who would destroy their liberty by enforcing countless petty rules and regulations upon them. This is precisely what started the American Revolution, when Minute Men on Lexington Green under Captain John Parker (a farmer by trade) stood up against the British Redcoats who were attempting to enforce gun control on the Boston area.

    Today’s police actually fulfill the role once performed by the British Redcoats. Their job is to keep the citizenry under control, keep them paying taxes, and keep them submissive to countless thousands of petty rules and regulations. If you doubt this, try not paying taxes or breaking one of the politician’s rules and see who comes after you with a gun (I recommend hiring a good lawyer before trying this experiment, because you WILL end up in a cage).

    For those who believe that police are a necessity… that’s fine, I am not trying to change your mind or your position. But the claim that they somehow fulfill the traditional role of the Minute Men by protecting our liberty from tyranny is ridiculous fantasy. Police exist to exercise control over the public and keep them subservient to the wishes of politicians.

    Do not disgrace the memory of the American Minute Man by comparing him to modern police. It is historically incorrect and morally wrong.

    Sensible Prepper, pardon the nitpick. I love your work. Keep it up. I just felt I needed to respond to the historical inaccuracy of the opening statements in this video.

    • sopwithtv

      And regarding the claim that “police protect us from bad guys so in that sense they’re like Minute Men,” please remember that protecting the public is not their job. Courts have ruled time and time again that police have no obligation whatsoever to protect the public. They cannot be sued for failure to stop a crime. They cannot be sued, fined or fired for failure to protect anyone from anything. The courts have made it abundantly clear that protecting the public is not part of an officer’s legal job description.

      Again, I am not trying to change anyone’s mind either positively or negatively on police. Believe what you will. But they absolutely do NOT fulfill the role of the colonial Minute Men and any such comparison is horribly mistaken. The actual, legal job description of today’s police is nearly identical to the British Redcoats, certainly not the Minute Men.

  • william adkins

    what is your take on a Savage model 42 takedown?

  • Jaime Olguin

    thank you so much for the info!!
    We need to get it together!!

  • Lance Perry

    we need to awake sleeping farmers and all rural personal now. renegade allowed thru message from Franklin Wisconsin.


    Nice vid…….

  • Crusaders Of God

    At least it’s not raining.

  • Murky Wells

    isn’t defend and protect the same thing?

  • Jarret Lavezzo

    Yes sir, always ready.

  • John Walsh

    Why would anyone have a .380 instead of a more powerful caliber?

  • Jarod Indio Loco

    The choir still learns new songs and needs reminding of older lyrics. Thanks, Sootch!

  • TheReaper5125

    Even in a country where it is almost impossible for the average citizen to legally obtain a firearm, there was a case of a mother being killed by a hitman when she was driving her daughter (severely injured) to school.


    I’ve got a carton of cigarettes in my bug out bag:)

  • Ralphie213

    I know this is an older video, but since it was made, we’ve seen riots and natural disasters quite frequently here in the U.S. I don’t appreciate the American bashing. Maybe “The End” won’t happen, but looking at places like Venezuela make me wonder about that. Now examples of armed Americans protecting themselves, I name two. The Rodney King Riots (store owners holding rioters at bay) and Hurricane Andrew. I subscribed to American Survival Guide back then and they ran an article with pics of the aftermath and with emergency services such as police, National Guard and EMT/Fire not getting to areas up to weeks at a time, it was armed citizens who kept looters from their neighborhoods. My personal experience was a hurricane Irene in 2011. In Sussex County NJ, we had a dam overflow and knock out power for nearly two weeks. Three main roads washed out. The tenants in my complex banded together, took care of the children and elderly and stood guard armed. Why? Meth is in common use and we ha junkies trying to rob elderly people, break in to apartments and steal anything not nailed down. I’m sorry if some of you don’t enjoy the rights and privileges we do here in the U.S., but don’t knock it. I got mugged at 16 while growing up in Newark NJ. I got a security job when I grew up to get a carry permit. (I had 24/7 carry) I now live in Pennsylvania where I can carry because it’s my right. And without going into detail, I’ve drawn my firearm twice to protect myself, didn’t have to shoot thankfully, and once my wife (ex) had to use a gun to prevent a break in while I was at work. Long post, but I think it needed to be said to prove a point. We have the right and we will exercise that right.

  • Steve L

    Yes the minute men came from Massachusetts. That’s pronounced Mass-A-Chu-Sets NOT Mass-A-2-Shits. lol

    Good video Thanks From the Boston Area!

  • Good information. Lucky me I found your blog by accident (stumbleupon).
    I’ve saved as a favorite for later!

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