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  • Carolyn Smith

    Listening from outside of the VA hospital. Getting my husband checked out. He fell and hit his head bad.

    • Lisa Kukla

      I hope he is okay. 💚

    • Alejandra Jeldrez

      Hi Carolyn. I hope your husband is healing well. Praying for you

    • Carolyn Smith

      I think he will be fine. The VA and I spoke. He needs more than I can give. He needs a team to take care of him. The VA will be placing him in a nursing home. I am sad but kind of relieved. He was a lot for me to take care of by myself. Thank you for all of the prayers. I pray he will be in a good nursing home.

    • Lisa Kukla

      @Carolyn Smith That’s surely going to be a lot to adjust to. I know being a carer is a big, big job, and I can understand your conflicting feelings. Do you have support as you find your new normal?

    • Alejandra Jeldrez

      Carolyn Smith Will continue praying for you and your husband as you go through these changes. May God give you strength and peace for what lies ahead and may you find comfort and support from friends and family around you.

  • B uppy

    Aluminum is the most common metal and the seventh most common material on earth.

    Your friend’s garden that doesn’t grow seeds has become anaerobic, I think. Watering with a dilute mixture of hydrogen peroxide will help. Look up the proportions…

    • current river

      I don’t believe it’s n a toxic form in dirt, aluminum that is, unless someone has dumped actual metal aluminum

    • Sam Hart

      Dust should be aluminium oxide, not aluminium in solution. If it’s in solution then acidity is out of control, and it will make other micronutrients inaccessible.

    • Sam Hart

      Martin Luther aluminium oxide particulates are a major component of dust as well. Depending on region, they can be THE major component, alongside silicates.

    • current river

      @Martin Luther Sorry, but i use to fly on them aircraft, no metallic aluminum. I’m not saying the fuel isn’t highly suspect, but no tanks with weird items in them.

  • Myrtle Higgins-Rhooms

    Hey David, no music today? Did you really sell your guitar?

  • Livesout Doors

    I got Steve’s book. It’s awesome. Quite the tome!

  • The Fishing Hole

    Would you mind reviving “Max Headroom”-type graphics and theatrics on your videos? I think that would be amusing, and I think you would be a good Max Headroom. I could be wrong, but it seems like a logical next step…..

  • marthale7

    It would be interesting to compare our test results. Another question I had was where to get the nutrients and in what form after I bought them 🙂 when I did my soil tests.

  • Good Music

    Any experience with rock dusts (eg Azomite, glacial, basalt) to provide micronutrients?

  • Walter Parkes

    You can brew and apply microbiology as liquid fert, ie liquid life in a matter of 2-3 weeks

  • Lucy Enemaku

    Good day to you David! Do we need cover crops in the tropics with rains? Lucy from Nigeria.

  • Nathanael Kitchen

    Watching the replay…very interesting stuff!!

  • John Rice

    Failing in public is excellent science. Thank you Mr. Good for all the authentic content. Probably best that the biggest fails become music videos for potentially viral content so lessons learned are spread far and wide.

  • Amy A

    Hi David! Quick question, we are in SW Florida and clearing land. We purchased land that is full of palmettos, some pine trees and had it mulched. Should I keep this mulch?

  • Loriful

    Unbeknownst to David, the experiment creates the hybrid plant family “Quatrotriticeae”. I was always told that salt was bad for land and in particular growing plants, so if salts are added as an amendment, what makes it good for the soil/plants?

  • Linda Foster

    I’m not seeing the recipe for amending. I thought it would be written.

  • Heather Bickford

    Feed your cover crops with luxury amounts of moly – that’s how I messed up, but lots of moly turbocharges your soils nitrogen fixing ability just pay attention to those pesky decimal points!

  • SunnyDaysSandyToes

    Even though I usually miss the live stream I still listen like its a pod cast. I missed the debate too. I did have a drink though. Rum n coke. Off to find some ingredients for this new experiment (rubs hands together feverishly). I dont have some of those things but I scrap together what I do have and maybe it help the cabbage be savage.

  • Amy Johnson

    High in aluminum. Maybe the land used to have a lot of beer/soda cans on it LoL

  • Lisa Kelley

    Oh wow… LOVE that song!!!! Ha!

  • doloinc

    Hey Dave, trying to recall if Steve said you can substitute basalt dust/azomite for kelp meal. Can you confirm?

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