The Literal Source of Insanity in Today’s World

Jesus is the way, the truth, the life.


“I am the way, the truth and the life; no man comes to the Father but by Me” (John 14:6).

There is a lot of bewilderment among Christians today, as the rapid deterioration of society has resulted in people having difficulty processing everything that is happening, as they don’t have time to adjust to one thing before the next one is introduced by the enemies of Jesus Christ, putting many back on their heels because they don’t know how to combat the endless barrage of declarations and events that are outside of reality.

To that end, I want to briefly touch on the word truth or reality in the passage of Scripture above in order for Christian believers to better understand what is happening.

The key is to know that Jesus is the truth or reality; everything in the created world (outside of sin and its effect) is based upon His very essence, including mankind, which bears the very image of God.

From the early days of creation, most of us know that Satan declared that He would be like the Most High, yet he failed in his ambition and fell. This is vital to understanding what is happening today because by rejecting the truth or reality that was in the Godhead, Satan abandoned reality and has attempted to create his own, outside of God.

This has resulted in attempts to create alternative realities outside of truth, and the consequence is the observable insanity we’re seeing expressed in people today, that no longer even know that they’re born male or female.

Like their father the devil, they’re creating their own version of reality outside of truth, which is increasingly on visible display in numerous areas of life.

The rebellion and fall of Satan against God brought about a separation of Satan from the truth and reality reflected in the Godhead, and has brought about the fantasies we’re seeing in the minds of people today, which they are now showing in a practical manner.

The Bible teaches us that Satan is the father of lies and a murderer from the beginning. When speaking of being the father of lies, it’s not primarily talking about simply speaking something that is not true about something, but more significantly, the father of an alternative reality that is fully based upon the very person of Satan, rather than the truth and reality that inherently exists in the person of Jesus Christ, who is the visible representation of the invisible Godhead.

This is why so many are overwhelmed by what is happening around them, as evil attempts to recreate the world based upon a total lie, always starting with a direct attack on the image of God as reflected in the creation of males and females.

To assert and declare they are not different, with the historical source of that coming primarily from the “blank slate” as promoted by John Locke, which is the foundational basis for the nonsense and insanity we’re seeing lived out before our eyes.

The blank slate or tabula rasa has morphed into an idea that genetics and biology have nothing to do with how people develop. With the assumption being that the environment people are raised in is what solely determines what and who they are, it has brought about the social, totalitarian declarations, experiments, and laws that we’re seeing communicated and implemented in our generation.

Again, the purpose of this article is to point out the source of all this. It began when Satan rejected the reality that was the essence of God Himself, wanting to be equal with God, which was demonstrated in his attempt to develop a reality based upon his own person.

What we’re seeing today is the outworking of the results of that attempt.

As to how to fight against it, the starting place should be in regard to embracing the observable differences between men and women. When you clear all the debris, what is happening is Satan is engaging in a direct attack on the image of God as represented by the specific differences between what men and women are. It’s the differences between men and women that reflect the image of God, not the alleged similarities that bring about homosexuality and transexual deviant practices and lifestyles.


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