The Left is Consuming Itself Even as it Wages War on Western Civilization

antifa and marxist black lives matter want to destroy America and Western civilization

source: Antifa News

Even though media coverage gives the impression of an inevitable victory for the cultural Marxists masquerading as supporters of the Marxist organization Black Lives Matter, as they temporarily rampage through some major cities uncontested, the reality is the left is destroying itself by allowing these infantile but potentially dangerous criminals to occupy certain geographic regions of the U.S.

They don’t even attempt to hide their hatred of whites, Christianity, Western civilization, and America, threatening to destroy them all. Bear in mind that citizenship papers don’t make you an American. True Americans are the posterity of the sons and daughters of the Revolution. Those that appreciate, support and embrace the civilization and culture they built, are welcome to be part of it in limited numbers.

If you don’t believe that, look at what our enemies are doing to the country, and how they’re attempting to gut the Bible and the Constitution, with the purpose of eliminating moral and legal parameters that have created wholesome boundaries and guidelines to live by.

If this goes on unabated and they start threatening those outside the inner cities, they’ll find men and women of the West rise up to protect their families, way of life, and property.

They have no comprehension of what it’s like to face those that are willing to fight to the death to protect those they love.

Don’t despair or get discouraged over the media coverage of some of the local carnage these mobs inflict upon communities. They’ve only been imposing their will on the weak and confused in a limited way.

That said, we need to be prepared to defend our families and communities by any means necessary, if they try to expand beyond their current geographic territories in order to take their violence to where we live.

Also, don’t be deceived into thinking this is all related to systemic racism in America, because it doesn’t exist. This has to do with people that want to keep blacks in a perpetual state of victimhood in order to keep the lie in place so they can maintain control over their emotions and outlook, rather than take steps to be successful in life.

This is important because it confuses people who then become paralyzed into inaction because of their inability to see the underlying false narrative being perpetuated upon them.

Don’t allow yourself to be disarmed emotionally or with firearms, or you’ll find yourselves participating in your own trail of tears.

There’s nothing to feel guilty about. We are only accountable for our own actions in the time we have on earth. And even with some of the historical flaws associated with American history, we and Europeans built the greatest civilization to ever inhabit planet earth.

We need to remember to continue to obey Jesus Christ, retain the foundations our civilization was built upon, and be prepared to defend our way of life against those that not only want to destroy it, but destroy us as well.

Make America Great Again.


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