THE KRAKEN: ‘We’ll be back in court’

Sidney Powell on the latest news surrounding the lawsuits she is currently filing across the nation, Trump's chances of a second term and more – via Newsmax TV's 'STINCHFIELD.'

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  • The Kraken

    Who else believes this is the biggest FRAUD in HISTORY???

    • Deli

      @liquidx831 cheap testimonies? So I guess the thousand plus affidavits, the forensic scientist, the Democratic whistleblowers and the videos are all cheap evidence? Just because you don’t want to believe the facts doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

    • Deli

      @kat w Amen!!! 👍

    • Cor Malum

      @Deli In other words, you admit Sidney is a fraud.

    • liquidx831

      @Deli Testimonies saying the contrary are also there. Affidavits stating that everything was fine would also be evidence right?
      Probably not for you, since it would contradict your wishes.

    • Deli

      @liquidx831 and what exactly is cheap testimony? Oh, you must be talking about the Democratic testimony in which they lied about Russian collusion…

  • Urban Gorilla

    Sidney Powell is A Great American Patriot. GOD BLESS HER!

    • greg wigren

      @Crusty Sponge79 Imagine waking up to Sidney Powell. You’d have to turn wolverine and chew your arm off to keep from waking her up

    • greg wigren

      @Crusty Sponge79 Imagine your grandmother.

    • Dylan Joyce

      @Adam Nebk wait, I’m curious. How do you think trump can pull a win at this point?

    • Brooke Hunter

      You’re confusing patriotism with blind nationalist populism. And she’s a huckster through and through. The best she was was defending the criminals at Enron. the criminals

    • Adam Nebk

      @Dylan Joyce what do you mean how? Theirs already investigation going on and from what it looks like especially with Nevada it will definitely get flipped and so will Georgia after that video tape was released.

  • Yen Hoang

    Sidney Powell, American hero. God bless her.

    • lmcjazz

      National Emergency.
      This is a World War lll cyberattack against the office of the President of the United States

    • No Regrets

      @Billy Boyce _Health and Environmental Risks from Lead-based Ammunition and Fishing Tackle: Science Versus Socio-Politics_ *ncbi nlm nih /pmc/articles/PMC5161761/*

    • No Regrets

      @Yen Hoang _On First Day Trump Appointee Rolls Back Protections for Wildlife, Hunters From Toxic Lead_ [Secretary Zinke Revokes Obama Phaseout of Lead Ammo, Sinkers on National Wildlife Refuges]
      *biologicaldiversity /press_releases/2017/lead-03-02-2017.php* <<

    • Roll Tide

      She told republicans not to vote in the 2 senate races. She is a snake who is working to give the democrats the US senate!!!

    • Yen Hoang

      @Roll Tide not her. It was Lin Wood. Those 2 really have done nothing about the election fraud. People just need to vote for them cause better than seeing Democrat party takes the senate.

  • Jerry Ware

    The lower courts are corrupt. They won’t even look at the allegations of fraud, it’s criminal.

    • Barbara Washington

      @william carrillo They’re not and you know it. Trump got his @ss handed to him. Now, he’s feeling humiliated and dejected. I hope it soaks in because he has no.problem with making others feel that way. He finally got shot with a ball of his own sheet. I wonder what foreign land Air Force One will be flying the Don to. He said he would leave the country if he lost. Maybe Epstein’s island is available. LMAO!

    • Adam Nebk

      @leonitsis110 yep, they keep forgetting that we the people are over them. If they don’t do their job well then they will get fired from their jobs.

    • Jud Young

      @Barbara Washington Barbara, I am following all avenues and I think I know. I cannot say I know 100% until the final outcome. I always say to myself : ” Wait just wait if I have no possibility to dig ! “

    • Carlos Lopez

      Its amazing how our country has turned into one big giant Mob… We make the Sicilian mob look like Toy Story…

    • egads2

      Don’t need the “lowly” courts….pay attention. Stop MSMing it.

  • Phillip Pringle

    That guy trying to rationalize being caught should go to prison for stupidity alone! Greetings from Mobile Alabama

  • J.S. G.

    Please Sidney, do not grow weary, truth must prevail. America is sending you enormous strength, wisdom, and gratitude. We’re with you!

  • Tom Bob

    Even grade school kids have a knee jerk reaction, even a child could see the, one for you , two for me.

  • Desert Flower

    I’ll debunk the debunker: NO counting of ballots is to occur without observers. PERIOD!

  • John Johnson

    Gotta love the Kraken especially when it/she’s on side of justice😀😀

  • Mary Nguyễn

    Sidney Powell is America ‘s sweetheart ! Hero! Thank you very much !

    • Glenn Price

      @Roll Tide they have to all vote for those senators or else it is over socialism/communism corruption takes over our country and china wins the election
      It is strange how many people are against a fair election or is it just the ones against a fair election are put on the news medias?

    • Born at 33

      @Sir Garwy Her credentials, experience, and accomplishments are already public record. What we will find out is, the full extent of the Leftist political bias in the courts and, which Republicans are RINO’s!

    • Wendell Hooks

      @Roll Tide what has the Senate done under current rule? I haven’t seen anything but bickering since 2012

    • Mary Nguyễn

      @Roll Tide Sidney and Lin demanded the change in the machine voting system to avoid fraud again otherwise it would be useless for people to vote… Also they demand the two candidates to go forward to find the truth for the president election…!

  • lunalouhoo

    We the people demand a fair and transparent election process! This fraud must be brought to justice.

    • Party Bigfoot

      @mattwho81 Dems wanna wipe all the machines of any evidence… why, if there is no evidence? How Americans who enjoy living in a “FREE” country are against making sure that we still have FAIR ELECTIONS, makes no sense. You all sound like communists for resisting these investigations… if nothing is fishy, what do the Dems have to worry about? Stop fighting this and let the process run it’s coarse.

    • Kenneth M

      @mattwho81 so you’re going to ignore all of the sworn affidavits and the videos that are currently being dropped? Who cares who wins, as long as its done correct, fair, and legally. It’s seeming more and more like it was not. Whether you choose to accept, see, or acknowledge that is on you.

    • Kenneth M

      @mattwho81 also, just because the news says something doesn’t make it true either. So what’s your point?

    • MattJackTV

      @Party Bigfoot No ones resisting anything, if you’re actually paying attention.

      That distress you feel is frustration at the fact that we are 9 days away from the college vote and Trump has not been able to convince a single judge of any fraud. All of those paths he had to victory are closing up. It’s not is you have to convince, it’s the Republican judges turning him down who need to see all this “evidence”.

      Again, just because Trump tweeted it, doesn’t make it true.

    • MattJackTV

      @Kenneth M It doesn’t matter why YouTube comments are ignoring it at the end of the day.

      you should be asking why the Trump-appointed Republican judges are ignoring it, since you’re on such a strong critical thinking streak. How many cases thrown out by them, and it’s somehow still the democrats fault… being a Trumpist is like being a narcissist with a learning disability.

      You just KNOW you’re right, but really have no ability to explain yourself.

  • masoud kamrani


  • John laud Aidoo


  • Z M

    It’s not “overturning” it’s displaying the fraud and showing how he won

  • niku30504

    3:45 Sidney: “The whole thing stinks to high Heaven”.

  • S M

    Brad Raffensperger is corrupt, who’s going to investigate him, and his office ?

  • Debbie

    God please protect this lady, leader guide her and give her courage and wisdom to keep moving forward to expose the corruption🙏

  • Spring Nguyen

    GOD BLESS AMERICA! AMEN 🙏 ❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🍃🌺

  • debra burrows

    Just hope the Supreme Court isn’t on the wrong team.

  • lmcjazz

    National Emergency.
    This is a World War lll cyberattack against the office of the President of the United States

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