The Good, The Bad & The Ugly : Don’t Be a Victim

Sensible Prepper Presents: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. Life happens to us all. No matter what the circumstances are, don’t be a victim. Learn from life experiences and be better prepared next time.

Thanks For Watching~ Sootch00

Music is from Jingle Punks Royalty Free Music through the Fullscreen Network. Used with permission.



  • or2169

    You have become a victim because you have put your life on the internet. So by bringing attention to yourself you have victimized yourself. You have painted a huge target on your life.


    My friend you define what it is to be human.
    Much love & respect to you & your family

  • Pagansdad

    110% chance of burglary? That’s unnerving as hell.

  • mixflip

    When my sisters house got burglarized in Los Angeles, the thugs cased her house, they knew when she was going to be gone for 8 hours and they knew she didn’t have a security alarm system.

    The alarm installer told us…in his 10 years installing security systems, every single one of his customers bought their security system “AFTER” they had been burglarized. LOL

    I have multiple layers of security including steel security doors, motion sensors, window break sensors, a home security system linked to my cell phone. My neighbor had his front door kicked in and was burglarized. That was too close for comfort and was enough for me to spend the money on security.

  • MZGaming

    so inspireing

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