The Extraordinary Purpose God Has for Man in This Age – #4

In this 4th video of the series, we’ll look at God’s remedy in response to the consequences of sin and its residing within man, and how it relates to His overall purpose he had from before the creation started.

I’m not only talking about initial salvation here, specifically as it relates to the individual believer, but comprehensive salvation mentioned in the Bible a number times in response to obedience to God’s commands. In other words, how the entire earth is impacted by God as His people learn to walk in wisdom and obedience to His word.

The answer, as revealed in Isaiah 65:17-25 and other places, was to create a new heavens and a new earth. The question isn’t whether that’s true, the question is what does it mean.

Here are a few excerpts from Ezekiel 36:22-28:

God will give us a new heart and spirit.
He’ll remove our heart of stone.
Give us a heart of flesh.
He’ll put His spirit within us.
Cause us to walk in obedience.
Multiple blessings will be His response.
Desolate land will become garden of Eden.
Allow house of Israel to ask God to do it for them.

I especially like this last part. Even in asking for something like this, meaning having a desire for it, comes from God.

Here are a few more Bible verses talking of the new creation:

Hebrews 12:22-24 – We have come to heavenly Jerusalem – now.
2 Cor. 5: 16-17 – Anyone in Christ is a new creation.
Rev. 21: 1-5 – New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven.
Gal. 6: 14-16 – In Christ Jesus what matters is a new creation.
Isaiah 66: 22-24 – heaven and earth He makes will endure before Him.
Jn. 3:3 – Unless born from above, cannot enter kingdom of God.
Ez. 11: 17-21 – God will put a new spirit within them.

The new creation started with the incarnation of Christ from heaven, and expanded when He ascended into heaven and sent the Spirit on Pentecost

He has put a new spirit and heart into those that have faith in Him, and produce the fruit of obedience in those that are regenerated or born from above.

In response to obedience, God then blesses His people in multiple ways, resulting in great joy, prosperity, health and long life.

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