The Extraordinary Purpose God Has for Man in This Age – #2

In this 2nd video in the series, we continue to look at the origin and foundation of the purpose of God in the earth, and its importance in this current age for God’s people.

Last time we focused on the first few words of the Bible, where it tells us, “in the beginning God.” The takeaway is there was nothing outside of God before creation, including thoughts, words or deeds, and the conclusion is when creation was started, it was a direct reflection of who God was.

This time we’ll go on to the words following “In the beginning God,” to include, “created the heaven and the earth,” and what the purpose behind that was.

Genesis 1:1 Says: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. The word heaven there is actually in the plural, and means not only outer space, but the invisible heavenly realms as well.

What’s important to understand is the entirety of creation was summed up in that first verse. As a whole, creation was reflected in the heavens and earth – visible and invisible.

Vital Points on the creation of the heavens and earth

Heaven and earth, reflected who God was Himself, and were made to be in harmony with His person, will and kingdom.

This is confirmed many times in the Bible, but with no uncertainty when Jesus responds to being asked how to pray. Part of His response was this: “thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

This further reinforces the thought that God wanted a harmony or exact reflection between the two realms in regard to His image.

Ephesians 1:10 confirms that when it says, “all things in heaven and earth are to be gathered together” or summed up in Christ. Christ who was an exact representation of the Father, was who both realms were to be filled with; meaning in thought, word and deed.

Because of sin entering the world through the first humans Adam and Eve, there will always be some tares in the earth as a result of sin, which means full harmony will never be completely realized in this age, although it will gradually and consistently be more representative of who God is as His people grow in numbers and in conformity to His image over time.

The effects of sin and the resultant curse will gradually dissipate and lose their influence and effect on the human race, as people embrace the ways of God and walk in them and God response starts to take away the impact of the curse on the earth.

As Psalm 72:8-11 says, His dominion will encompass the earth. It states that He will rule from sea to sea… and all the nations will serve Him.

Not every individual will serve Him or have faith in Christ, but overall, the nations will respond to the teachings of the laws and commands of God and that they are to obey them, as the Great Commission tells us to teach them to obey all that Jesus has commanded throughout all of the Scriptures.

The creation of heaven and earth was by and for Jesus, and through His people, He will fill the earth with Himself, demonstrated By embracing the character of God, obeying His commands, and taking dominion over the earth.

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