The Best Banana Clump Puller

I love this tool and keep discovering new ways to use it. Today I divided banana clumps at a friend's place and had to share my easy method, via the Meadow Creature broadfork.

Though these bananas are just a little variety, I've also used the Meadow Creature on tall tropical banana and plantain varieties with good success. It gives you the leverage to get underneath a clump, unlike digging with a shovel.

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  • David The Good

    Thank you, Karen, for sending this broadfork to meet me!

    • Nancy Pippo

      I can see why you love that giant fork! David sent you some emails. I know you cant answer them but they are information I know you need, it will lead to something. Also, I had made some onion water for rooting. Put it in a clean Daisy Sour Cream container and forgot about it. Today I found a beautiful Scobby floating in it! Yes, I grew an onion Mother Scobby! what do I do with it? how can be done with it? I am going to research it this morning when I am done with other stuff I have been making notes to get started! Its brain over load and need to actually start putting this stuff in action. God Bless you David! please give plenty of notice if you are going liveeeeeeeee!

    • Karen B Hill

      My pleasure David! 🙂

    • Ordinary Bear

      great stuff as expected !! keep on

    • Evelyn Korjack

      @Karen B Hill inspired me to order one! It was the bananas that did it

    • Karen B Hill

      @Evelyn Korjack 😊😊😊

  • B uppy

    Where did you get the mesh behind you, and what is it called? Is it expensive?

    Never knew bananas had corms….

    • David The Good

      I dunno. Friend’s garden.

    • Rehoboth Farm

      @David The Good Looks like the deer fence that All Seasons Covered sells. I think Dewitt makes that too. I have a few rolls of theirs. It’s about 7 feet tall. It’s cheap. I’ve used it folded in half with the cheap electric fence posts that I get at the feed store and zip ties to put up quickie fences. It holds up to UV really well. It isn’t super strong but most animals aren’t usually determined to tear up something to get into the garden. Would also work well against bird etc for fruit trees and berry bushes.

    • John Fisher

      Looks like deer netting. TSC has it. Have not used it.

    • Rehoboth Farm

      @John Fisher Yes, some people prefer to catch deer in nets instead of using poles.

  • LibertyNotLicense

    For a minute there I thought, ” Oh my goodness! I MUST get a hold of that soil scientist! “

  • The Hairy Farmer

    Hey Dave – I’m sure you could have drawn this video out to just over 10 min….for the YouTube algorithm….;)

  • Allan Turpin

    So, first I need some bananas.
    Then the “clump removing tool”.

  • paksaoify

    I enjoyed the rhymes you were kicking at the end even though I’m allergic to bananas unless they are in banana bread.

  • Kemper B

    Sweet! A David the good special release single. and a video in the garden! I’ve really missed these. Rock on my green thumbed friend!

  • ZSandmann

    Is now the time to move/replant bananas in a more temperate climate?

  • Angela Espinet

    David I watch all your videos and wish you had moved closer to me. I am in Citrus Springs and the heat is relentless! Since September I have seeded veggies 3 times and even though it has been during cooler spells, everything shoots up tall and spindly!!!
    If you ever come down this way I would love your advice, we live on 2 1/2 acres with several raised beds.
    You could sing and dance your way here!!!

  • The Domestead

    Nice one! Good to see you with a tropical crop.

  • A Fishes & Loaves Life

    @David The Good if I do this with my regular spade fork (?) like harvesting sweet potatoes if I go below the bananas roots (I know it has a special name but memory won’t comply then is it safe to move and replant? I think that back yard gardener sold me a non-dwarf variety and they are producing lots of pups with all this rain.

    • David The Good

      Yes, you just have to get under the main “bulb”.

    • A Fishes & Loaves Life

      @David The Good Oh, haha the “bulb”. I was not thinking of the word when they sprout corum or something similar🤪. So plant just as deep as the bulb was before in soil you pre-forked? Or is there a video coming for the transfer of banana plant into new position in the garden?

    • Karen B Hill

      @A Fishes & Loaves Life Corm is the word you are thinking of, which is correct. 🙂

  • Authentic Alyssa

    Awesome video! I plan to get banana trees sometime next spring! 😁🍌

  • Matthew Holloway

    Thank you for posting this. I have several banana clumps to transplant and was looking for an easy way to pop them up.

  • healingalternative

    That was quite fast for a removal. Like the rap


    I bet that would work on my crinum lilies and my butterfly ginger what do you think David think that would work I wonder if I could rent one

  • Dan S

    I keep telling myself I need a broadfork… my little digging fork is all snagletoothed. One more reason to save up and do it.

  • Geriann Roth

    Thanks again David for introducing this great product i have never seen one of these

  • Hans Quistorff

    Works for plum sprouts also. And I am about to move some dwarf apple trees that were planted in the wrong place

  • Matthew kizziah

    The broadfork is considered carry on? Is this the same one from Florida and the tropics? I’ve got to get me one. I don’t have bananas but digging is hard.

  • Jim T

    I bought one of those after seeing it on I really like it.

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