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Understanding and Remembering Prepping and Survivalist Basics

I’ve noticed a couple of things concerning prepping and surviving that people tend to gravitate toward, whether they’re just beginning the building up of their survival supplies and gear, or they’ve been around for awhile, and start to look for ancillary items to include in their prepper stash. When taking into account your view of TEOTWAWKI or the last days or end times, or if your goal is to prep for a shorter period of time, such as two weeks to a month, the focus will still […]

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Prepping for Last Days, Doomsday, or Every Day

There are several things to consider when thinking in terms of prepping and survival strategies. Probably the most important is the view you have concerning the most likely scenario or scenarios that may play out. Those that are religious or Christian, may be a last days prepper, being they’re preparing for a severe period of time when they may have to go underground to survive. Others with a more secular view, think in terms of extreme events that are catastrophic in nature, and define them as SHTF […]

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Why Reasons and Motivations Behind Prepping Matter

In the last article we looked at the differences between survivalists, preppers, and those that do little if anything to prepare for disasters or emergencies. This time we’ll look at why the reasons and motivations behind preparedness and survival planning matter in regard to what steps are taken to deal with the fallout from different scenarios where living and surviving may be determined by how well you’ve planned. When I talk about the motivations and reasons for prepping, the survivalist philosophy is built upon a worldview that […]

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