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President Trump Blasts 9th Circuit, Chief Justice Roberts Over Partisan Rulings

source: yahoo Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts comes out of the shadows, makes the ludicrous and outrageous statement that the 9th Circuit is an “independent judiciary” that does its “level best to do equal right to those appearing before them.” That Roberts was triggered into entering the political landscape in the first place is highly irregular and unusual, suggesting to me that President Trump in fact hit another real issue that Roberts wasn’t able to keep his mouth shut about. After all, if it wasn’t true, […]

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Why the Attack on Judge Kavanaugh Goes Far Beyond Roe v. Wade

While it’s understandable why many conservatives and/or Christians come to the conclusion the attacks on Judge Kavanaugh are directly related to Roe v. Wade, the reality is it’s far more insidious and comprehensive than that. Let’s face an uncomfortable fact. Does anyone really think Roe v. Wade wouldn’t be safe if Kavanaugh is confirmed? Does anyone truly believe it’ll be overturned anytime soon, if that’s how it plays out? I don’t believe so. What I think most of those opposing abortion believe is, Kavanaugh is a good […]

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