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Lessons in Success from a Christian Businessman and Angler

Al and Ron Lindner – source: target walleye Al and Ron Lindner have been among some of the most noted names in the angling or freshwater fishing world, and deservedly so, as not only where they masters of their chosen craft, but were inventors, businessmen and marketers that drew back the curtain on the secrets of success in the industry, building a media empire in the process. For them it all started with becoming expert fisherman, and from there they built a fishing tackle company, launched the […]

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Martial Arts Expert and Choreographer’s Journey to Jesus Christ

source: break radio Success without the foundation of Jesus Christ in your life is meaningless and potentially self-destructive. Here’s the testimony of Jeff Durbin and his journey out of temporary success from being a martial arts expert and fight scene choreographer, along with the accompanying alcohol and drug addiction, to salvation in Jesus Christ.

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