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15 Things You Should Do Before The Inevitable Economic Collapse & Food Shortage

In this video, we decided to bring you a list with 15 last-minute preps that will help you survive a catastrophic collapse. Considering everything we have warned throughout the history of our channel, and how many of these things in fact happened, we decided to gather tips to help you in case you ever find yourself…

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Bug Out Bag Set up Be prepared

Sensible Prepper Presents: My Current Bug Out Bag Set Up. Being prepared is smart and having your essential supplies ready to go gives peace of mind. Maxpedition: http://www.maxpedition.com/ 10% Sootch00 discount Going Gear http://goinggear.com/ 10% Sootch00 Discount Dark Energy Battery Back-up: http://www.darkenergy.com County Comm Radio http://countycomm.com/ FFS Custom Knife: http://www.up-armored.com/ Griffin Pocket Tool: http://www.griffinpockettool.com/ Going…

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