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Netflix continues to defend child porn film Cuties

Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos Asserts Child Porn “Cuties” is “Misunderstood”

The creepy and bizarre Netflix (NFLX) co-CEO Ted Sarandos is doubling down on the streaming giant’s refusal to admit that the outrageous film “Cuties” is nothing more than child porn. Sarandos said this: It’s a little surprising in 2020 America that we’re having a discussion about censoring storytelling. That abominable and wicked mindset is why…

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Prepping Mindset that Takes You from Surviving to Thriving

One thing I’ve never liked much in the survival, prepper world, is the idea society will collapse and afterwards it’s only a matter of surviving and trying to work out some type of substandard existence. Under some scenarios, it makes some wonder if it’s better to not survive than live under those dismal conditions. I…

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