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Legitimacy of Catholic Leadership on the Line As Cuomo Signs Brutal Abortion Law

source: catholiccartoonblog By its own standards, Catholic leadership and the Catholic church stand at a crossroads. To allow Cuomo to remain in the church after signing law approving of murderous abortion until birth, signals the religious organization has collapsed. Anything short of excommunication is unacceptable. If murdering babies at birth isn’t enough for Cuomo to be excommunicated, what is? I guess Catholic boys wearing MAGA hats at a pro-life rally is more despicable in the eyes of many Catholic leaders.

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What Manufactured News by Fake Media Over Covington and March of Life is About

While the lies by the American Indian and his media allies have been proven to be obviously false, the question remains as to why it was hammered so strongly by the fake media. I believe there were a couple of key reasons. The first was certainly an attempt to associate March of Life with a false racist narrative, based upon the right for these students and anyone else to wear MAGA hats. It could put the pro-life movement on the defensive if the media had been allowed […]

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Cool Items That Support Building the Wall and Defending American Borders and its People

The Presidential Wall Game By far my favorite product related to President Trump and building the wall is The Presidential Wall Game shown above. While it can be used for the purpose of playing the game, I like it even more as a statement piece that could be placed in a strategic place in the home to declare and support your position on the issue. Of course you could play The Presidential Wall Game and put it back together and keep it visible. It also could be […]

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