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Retail Apocalypse Getting Worse: $15 Trillion Market Lead To Economic Collapse !!

The retail apocalypse proportions are getting so extensive that its downfall has been putting the commercial real state sector in big trouble. Experts have been warning that the $15 trillion market is at risk of bleeding over into the broader financial system as the U.S. struggles to come out of a deep economic collapse. The number of retail store closings has hit records this year and it's on pace to surpass the staggering bankruptcy figures seen during the Great Recession. As the empty retail space has been […]

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Hunger Crisis Getting Worse! 1 In 3 US Families Don’t Have Enough Food To Put On The Table

Kitchen tables across America are the clearest picture of the damages brought by the economic collapse. As the sanitary outbreak lingers, millions upon millions are fighting against the hunger crisis. In recent times, demand for food banks has spiked so high that projections already show pantries won't have enough to feed everyone. Food insecurity levels are surging for several different groups and no one is really immune – from children to college students to the middle class, and many others. At the same time, while the World […]

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