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Camping is the Best Outdoors Survival Training: 5 Things to Teach and Learn

It’s one thing to have a lot of thoughts and theory to deal with potential disasters in life, but it’s an entirely different matter to have engaged in practical applications of ideas to gain the type of experience that can make a difference if our lives are disrupted be unforeseen circumstances. Whatever you specific situation is, I would recommend taking at least an occasional weekend camping trip to hone your skills, or the skills of your family members. If you have children with you, I would recommend […]

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DIY Walmart Premium Bug Out Bag

Here’s how to get your “Secret Survival Farm” set up… Sensible Prepper Presents: DYI Walmart Items Bug Out Bag/ Get Home Bag. Having built a super cheap Walmart B.O.B. we decided to put together a higher end set up using their more premium items. The total cost before tax was $313.76 Cheap Walmart B.O.B Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lXdQF_Qzlo Bug Out Bag Contents: Morph 26 Back Pack $18.97 Gerber Prodigy Fixed Blade Knife $49.97 Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool $26.84 Sawyer Mini Water Filter $19.97 Maglite Flashlight $22.32 Energizer Headlamp $19.97 Duracell […]

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EDC: Everyday Carry

Here’s how to get your “Secret Survival Farm” set up… Sensible Prepper Presents: EDC; Everyday Carry. Here's is what I carry everyday. It continues to be an evolution but the principles are the same. Survival. Olight S-10 Baton :http://goinggear.com/ Spyderco Manix 2: http://goinggear.com/ Aegis "Shield" Hybrid Holster: http://aegisarmory.us/ Tactical Pen: http://www.maxpedition.com/ CRKT Para Bracelet: http://www.crkt.com/ Don Hume Holster: Ebay.com Galco Holster: Ebay.com Bic Lighter: Walmart : ) Timex Expedition: Walmart Thanks for watching~ Sootch00

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