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God Bless America ETF

A Look at Upcoming ‘God Bless America ETF’

Whether you like the idea or not, you can’t help but like the name of a new ETF and its ticker symbol about to hit the market called, ‘God Bless America ETF (YALL).’ Its purpose is to provide investors with an opportunity to invest in stocks that focus primarily on their stated purpose while “maximizing…

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Canadian Bank Freeze Proves Why Fed Dollar is a Dangerous Idea, Warns Rule | Stansberry Research

"Inflation really is about negative real interest rates, debt and deficits, and quantitative easing," says the founder and CEO of Rule Investment Media, Rick Rule. "On a ten year horizon, I am much more concerned about the bond holder than I am about the equity holder," he says to our Daniela Cambone. Rule breaks down…

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investing and HIVE Blockchain as bitcoin company

Building Wealth: HIVE and Other Bitcoin Proxy Companies

The crash in Bitcoin (BTC-USD) and other cryptocurrency prices in January 2022 is providing another extraordinary opportunity to take a position. not only directly in cryptos themselves, but also in companies that are essentially proxies for the price of Bitcoin. I’ve provided some charts below to confirm that how the price of Bitcoin goes, so…

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Uranium price should almost double in 2022; Mart Wolbert reveals equilibrium level

The equilibrium price of uranium, or the price at which miners will be incentivized to resume or increase production, is around $60 a pound. Mart Wolbert, founder and author of the Contrarian Codex Newsletter, told David Lin, anchor for Kitco News, that the price is likely to surpass that equilibrium level in 2022 due to…

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Esports is now bigger than movie and music industries, and there’s ‘no limit to it’ – Ralph Simon

Technology continues to be a major driving force for the changes in the entertainment industries, and one of the effects of technological disruption has been the rise of esports, now bigger than both the music and movie industries combined in terms of revenue. Ralph Simon, CEO of Mobilium Global, discusses with David Lin, anchor for…

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Brink of Totalitarianism; Get Out of the Banks, Own Physical Warns Jekyll Author

Soon the Federal Reserve will manufacture a central bank digital currency that will be internationally sanctioned, different than Bitcoin and private cryptos, says G. Edward Griffin, author of Creature from Jekyll Island and founder of the Red Pill University. The Federal Reserve has become so powerful over the years that its originally intended roles have…

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Uranium stocks have gone nuclear, here’s how to play it

Nuclear energy is seeing a major comeback with the demand for uranium stocks soaring, said Scott Melbye, Uranium Royalty Corp CEO and executive VP of Uranium Energy Corp. "Demand for uranium and nuclear generation has responded back to pre-Fukushima levels. We've seen 57 new reactors come online around the world," Melbye told Michelle Makori, editor-in-chief…

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Bitcoin price should be ‘much lower’, look for these ‘hot tokens’ instead – Clem Chambers

Current valuations for the major cryptos, including Bitcoin, are "miraculous" and prices should be much lower, said Clem Chambers of InvestorsHub.com. Chambers told David Lin, anchor for Kitco News, that there are several other tokens to look at, and in particular, the DeFi space overall has more long-term potential. Follow Kitco News on Twitter: @KitcoNewsNOW…

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Expect $30 silver price, then $50 soon after, by 2022 – Steve Penny

Once silver breaches $30, there would be minimal resistance keeping it back from hitting $50, said Steve Penny, publisher of The Silver Chartist report. Penney told David Lin, anchor for Kitco News, that $50 or even $30 an ounce for silver is unlikely to happen by the end of the year. Follow David Lin on…

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We’ve Hit a Scary Level of Systemic Risk, Banks Are Danger Zone for Your Money Says Simon Dixon

Simon Dixon, founder of Bank to the Future, an online investing platform, says that we are at a "scary level of systemic risk" and for that reason, is avoiding holding his money in banks at all costs. Dixon tells our Daniela Cambone why bitcoin is still his preferred investment vehicle and that the recent price…

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