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Lin Wood: Nuts or Crazy Like A Fox? – Explosive Interview

lin wood in explosive interview

source: Citizens Journal Lin Wood has either engaged in a disinformation campaign for specific unknown reasons, or he’s privy to extraordinary information that could rock the U.S., and the world, if true. In a recent Twitter feed, he even claims that Jeffrey Epstein is alive, when talking about the attacks upon him as a result of his comments on Chief Justice Roberts. While most of us would like to believe the things he says are based on facts, it remains to be seen what Wood is attempting […]

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What a Surprise! – Biden’s Lead Narrows as Election Approaches

It's not a surprise that Biden's alleged lead over President Trump is suddenly narrowing.

source: Investors Business Daily As I’ve been on the record for some time saying, as the U.S. presidential election approaches, we’d start seeing the alleged lead by Biden start to evaporate. A big part of the reason will be pollsters will have to get more honest with the results if they want to continue to be considered a viable source of information. This is the same thing that happened when the President trounced Hillary Clinton in 2016. It’s going to happen again. Here’s what Investors Business Daily […]

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Why Leftist, Liberal, Progressive Democrats Hate the Right so Deeply

The first thing to understand about the current Democrats are they are no longer what they were in the recent past. The Party has been taken over by leftist, SJW radicals, and they have no desire or inclination to work or compromise in any way with their political and cultural rivals: the right. Even though Hillary Clinton made the term ‘Deplorables’ a rallying cry for the right, the truth is she was only the tip of the spear for what the Democratic Party believes and has become. […]

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Like Hillary, Bill Kristol Can’t Come to Grips with Defeat and Rejection

  source: longroom It appears from the bizarre and obsessive focus of neo-con Bill Kristol concerning the victory of Donald Trump in the presidential race, that he may have had some type of mental breakdown, in a similar fashion that Hillary Clinton did. To this day, both can’t deal with the fact and reality that the American public has rejected them and what they stand for. It points to an inability to accurately measure who they are in relationship to the perception the public has of them. […]

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Fake Russian/Trump story getting darker – media protecting Hillary

It is apparent the mainstream media is running even more cover for corrupt Hillary Clinton, as they try to put the narrative in place that if President Trump orders her to be investigated, it “absolutely is” obstruction of justice for the government to investigate Hillary Clinton, according to legal analyst Paul Butler, when he appeared on MSNBC’s “AM Joy.” What is outrageous, is the idea being pushed that even though there is no proof of any type of collusion between President Trump and the Russians to influence […]

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