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Guns, Self-Defense, and the Evil in Man

It’s instructive when Christians are considering the pros and cons of the gun debate, to consider what it is the Bible actually says about. In this article I’m going to give a scriptural background as to why self-defense, and specifically using guns for that purpose, are not only allowable, but required in a world where the fall of man has produced so many violent men and women; man of whom won’t hesitate to take the lives of others. Interestingly to me, those supporting gun control, including some […]

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Firearms and the Protection of Family

During the turbulent birth of our country, our forefathers gave us the right to bear arms via the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. There are many ongoing debates, pro & con on this topic. I for one, am grateful for the 2nd Amendment. Having worked in the law enforcement field for several years, I fully understand that most often, police respond to a call well after the crime has been committed. Crime prevention is relinquished to the individual. In those States that offers the privilege of offering […]

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