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Our YEARS worth of FOOD! | Root Cellar Tour (full & complete!) | Food Storage

Come along on my root cellar tour – here's what our years worth of food looks like! Now that it's finished, we were finally able to take you through the entire root cellar (full and complete!). Come see our food storage in its many forms: canning, dehydrating, fermenting, and more. NOT INCLUDED: all the meat…

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Self-Reliant Family Builds a Thriving Homestead While Living in a Tiny Yurt

Six years ago, Mike, Lacie, and their three kids downsized, left the city, and moved into a small yurt in the country to try their hand at homesteading. Like so many people, they dreamed of living off the land and growing their own food, and with a lot of hard work they've made their vision…

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