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Is Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies at Risk from an EMP?

There is an outlook by some in the prepper/survival community that suggest Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are subject to being destroyed under an EMP attack, and not only refuse to buy them to build wealth, but more importantly encourage others to stay away from them as well. Whether or not an individual wants to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or another cryptocurrency if of course up to them, but to give the reason for making that decision a threat of an EMP, is to show their cluelessness as […]

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Gold Against Cryptocurrencies: Why You Don’t Have to Choose

Gold has been taking a back seat for some investors who have gravitated toward acquiring cryptocurrencies. Goldman Sachs doesn’t believe investors should abandon gold as a store of value, as it’s proven for thousands of years it’s the best at protecting assets. Proponents of cryptocurrencies on the other hand, note that the coins have acted in similar ways as gold in regard to scarcity, and Bitcoin and others have responded to geopolitical events in a similar way as gold has. Having said that, it’s not really accurate […]

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Will Cryptocurrency Save the World?

For the uninitiated, cryptocurrencies are an exotic digital currency that some people are playing with to buy and sell mostly digital products on the internet. For many adherents, it promises hope of a decentralized currency or currencies, that can provide anonymity and to some degree, privacy, to those using currencies like Bitcoin to engage in transactions. Many are jumping on the investing bandwagon for these currencies, with little idea of whether or not the more than 1,000 currencies are legitimate or viable. A lot of people have […]

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