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Dump Dollars, Buy Silver And Gold! We Destroyed The World’s Greatest Economy For No Reason

Experts have been alerting that the world’s greatest economy was destroyed for no reason. Today, we will discuss specialists’ insight about the US economic future and why market consultants are suggesting the economic collapse could have been avoided. Furthermore, we’re going to examine the prospects of a W-shaped recovery, which means another recession is in sight. And also, we are going to present economists’ advice on how you can protect your wealth from the looming dollar collapse. Stay with us, don’t forget to give this video a […]

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Globalist IMF Trying to Control Currency Decisions of the Marshall Islands

source: FT The IMF is trying to pressure and force the Marshall Islands to reverse its decision to design and use a cryptocurrency as a means of exchange in the country. One of the reasons entrenched globalists financial entities like the IMF hate bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is they represent a decline in influence and power for them. The IMF uses the tired, and most times dishonest assertion that cryptocurrencies are used by terrorists and for money laundering, both of which are very questionable, and at most, […]

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Bitcoin: Why Those in Power Hate it!

Bitcoin has generated a lot of euphoria and distain across a variety of walks of life, as the rapid increase in its value, along with taking a lot of the other cryptocurrencies on a ride with it, has forced the media to cover it. It has also forced some of the entrenched powers – especially political and financial – to issue a seemingly endless number of warnings and caveats against bitcoin, although it is interestingly tempered by the fact the blockchain, which girds up the asset class, […]

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