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Nasdaq Wants To Strong-Arm Companies Into Accepting Board Diversity

Nasdaq hates white heterosexual males

In a move that is as totalitarian as it gets, Nasdaq has filed a proposal with the Securities and Exchange Commission that would empower it to force companies to have at least one woman on the board, along with at least another of “an underrepresented minority.” If the exchange is allowed to go forward with the proposal, it would demand the changes under the threat of delisting. If the proposal is approved by the SEC, companies would be required to disclose board-diversity statistics within a year. Time […]

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Betrayed: Why Conservatives Have Become a Slow Echo of the Left

source: thehighlandecho  If you do any research at all, or carefully read or view that is put forth as conservative these days, you know there is something wrong going on, even if you can’t put your finger on it. A major part of what’s wrong is organizations and media outlets that position themselves as serving the conservative market, have been infiltrated and/or caved into the progressive, SJW narrative because of fear, confusion, being worn down, or wanting to be included in the public discourse, even if they […]

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