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More Gender Insanity from California – Parents Can’t Opt Children Out

If the cult that California has become gets its way, children in elementary public schools will be manipulated into ridding themselves of the reality of genders, and instead brainwashed into believing there are a minimum of 15 genders. Worse, parents won’t be allowed to opt their children out of the “training” if it’s implemented. Here’s what some of the books teach if they are allowed to be used as textbooks: “One recommended book in the guidelines tells the story of a boy who wants to be a […]

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20 Wire Coat Hanger Uses for Survival

Sensible Prepper Presents: 20 Survival uses for Wire Coat hangers. Continuing the series of using everyday items for a multitude of applications not designed for that item. This time, we're "Thinking outside the wire". Belt/Strap Keeper Camp bottle Hanger Guy Wire Anchors S Hooks Needle Camp Hat Hook Clothes Hanger Drain Retrieval Hook Hard to reach Retrieval hook Safety Pin Antenna Key Ring Paper Clip Marshmallow / Hot Dog Hanger String Retriever M1938 Hook Slim Jim/ Locked Car Keys Porch Hanger Penny Stove Stand Tent Pegs "How […]

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