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Time for Radical, Massive Civil Disobedience: Judicial Transgender Misconduct

source: NYT An evil judge in Oregon has decided it doesn’t matter what the real male and female students of the school think about a person of the opposite sex pretending to be a male or female, being legally allowed to shower with whoever they want to. The morally corrupt U.S. District Court Judge Marco Hernandez concluded “gender” is a person’s “subjective, deep-core sense of self as being a particular gender.” A “transgender boy is therefore a person who has a lasting, persistent male gender identity, though […]

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Extraordinary and Powerful Truths of God’s Creation that will Change the World

All of the universe was created based upon the person of God, with mankind being made in the very image of God. In the beginning there was only God, and there was nothing outside of His person and thoughts. That means everything that was created was based upon something of who He is, whether a grasshopper, mosquito, cow, dog, frog, or anything else. This doesn’t suggest they represented the image of God, as only mankind did that, based upon their being made triune, having a spirit, soul […]

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