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lin wood - what's he really up to?

Lin Wood: What’s He Really Up To?

Lin Wood has been on a media blitz lately, making numerous assertions that if true, would be explosive, as I recently wrote about, and if false, could point to some mental health issues. Another stronger probability is that he is a tool being used by the Democrats to smear the investigation into fraud, by making…

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lin wood in explosive interview

Lin Wood: Nuts or Crazy Like A Fox? – Explosive Interview

source: Citizens Journal Lin Wood has either engaged in a disinformation campaign for specific unknown reasons, or he’s privy to extraordinary information that could rock the U.S., and the world, if true. In a recent Twitter feed, he even claims that Jeffrey Epstein is alive, when talking about the attacks upon him as a result…

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President Trump Blasts 9th Circuit, Chief Justice Roberts Over Partisan Rulings

source: yahoo Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts comes out of the shadows, makes the ludicrous and outrageous statement that the 9th Circuit is an “independent judiciary” that does its “level best to do equal right to those appearing before them.” That Roberts was triggered into entering the political landscape in the first place is…

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