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Bitcoin: Why Those in Power Hate it!

Bitcoin has generated a lot of euphoria and distain across a variety of walks of life, as the rapid increase in its value, along with taking a lot of the other cryptocurrencies on a ride with it, has forced the media to cover it. It has also forced some of the entrenched powers – especially political and financial – to issue a seemingly endless number of warnings and caveats against bitcoin, although it is interestingly tempered by the fact the blockchain, which girds up the asset class, […]

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Is Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies at Risk from an EMP?

There is an outlook by some in the prepper/survival community that suggest Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are subject to being destroyed under an EMP attack, and not only refuse to buy them to build wealth, but more importantly encourage others to stay away from them as well. Whether or not an individual wants to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or another cryptocurrency if of course up to them, but to give the reason for making that decision a threat of an EMP, is to show their cluelessness as […]

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