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Lynette Zang: Why You Must Get Out of the System; The Fed’s Master Plan

The Federal Reserve has been unable to hit their 2% inflation target, but Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading, contends that the central bank is getting prepared because they expect to lose control of inflation soon. She adds that it plans to quietly introduce a cashless system with an 18-step plan in 2021.…

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Red Hot Copper: Expect Higher Prices, Why It’s a Major Bull Case

In this special copper edition, our Daniela Cambone speaks with Copper Bank CEO Gianni Kovacevic and Kutcho Copper CEO Vince Sorace about the metal’s recent 10-year highs. With an economic recovery on the horizon and a movement towards green technology, the metal is in great demand. Get the same kind of tools used by the…

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Fed Gone Wild: This Is A War Of The Financial Worlds Warns Ex-Goldman Sachs MD

We are living in a financial war of the worlds, this according to best-selling author and former Goldman Sachs Managing Director Nomi Prins. In this interview with our Daniela Cambone, Prins explains that the Federal Reserve has been overstepping its boundaries since 2008. The question is, can it be tamed and how? The former banker…

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