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herocut 240 plasma cutter - unboxing, review by Wranglestar

Wranglerstar Tests and Reviews Low-cost HeroCut Plasma Cutter

Earlier in 2020 Wranglerstar did an unboxing of the HeroCut plasma cutter offered on Amazon.com, with the purpose of seeing it had any substance to it, or if it was extremely limited in what it could do. The only thing that was dated about the video and commentary was at the time, the 120v (Amazon…

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kingdom of god, productivty and taxes

The Kingdom of God, Productivity, and Taxes

The majority of Christians, unfortunately, have bought into the idea of taking the wealth from productive citizens and having it distributed to them. This undermines the value of the creative, innovative and visionary entrepreneurs, resulting in a much weaker economy, as capital is consumed at the expense of economic growth. For all the excessive taxes…

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