Surviving the Rage of the Left as They Face the Beginning of Their End

It’s readily apparent that it’s the beginning of the end of the dominance and influence of the left in America, and they know it. That’s why they’ve been ramping up their attacks after the political victory of Donald Trump, which shattered their confidence in what they considered to be a easy run by Hillary Clinton to the White House.

The attacks are going to increase in intensity as more and more ground is taken from them, and we get more aggressive when responding to their attempt to destroy Christian and Western Civilization around the world, and in the U.S.

After a long period of time of infiltration various organizations, including political parties, education, entertainment, banking, and churches, they thought they had thoroughly taken charge of not only the narrative, but the hearts and minds of the majority of Americans.

So when Donald Trump won the election, it wasn’t the fact he won that was the main issue, it was the fact there were that many people that supported him as a message to the left that they weren’t going to take it anymore; it revealed that millions of Americans didn’t buy into the leftist ideology or totalitarian leanings, and they mean to do something about it.

There is no turning back. The battle lines have been drawn and the war is just beginning in earnest. What that means is the left, which is used to going unapposed, faces the fight of its life, and they know the tide is turning against them. That makes them more dangerous than usual because they will pull out all stops in an attempt to turn the momentum back in their direction.

It means more brutal attacks on the right, including more false accusations concerning sexual harrassment toward public figures on the right, brutal attacks on social media networks for the purpose of triggering responses so people are banned from the platforms, and an increase in violence from Antifa and others that attempt to intimidate the right into silence.

Left will surrender its plans to take over the world.

Sexual harrassement tactics and how to respond

The sexual harrassement issue is the hardest to deal with because it’s a he/said, she/said situation that is difficult to prove one way or the other, The problem for men that are accused is they usually lack the determination to fight against those lying about sexual harrassment, and so give in and step down from positions of influence.

This is a hard one because most of them have families, and the longer these scenarios play out, the harder it is on wives and children affected by them to endure without pressuring the husband or father to step down and end their painful experiences.

That said, it’s imperative in my view that conservative men don’t cave under the pressure if they are innocent of the charges. It not only does nothing to help their careers or family life, which will be affected for the rest of their lives, and it undermines the battle we’re in by giving our enemies a tool to use every time they can’t win the battle of ideas. And there are plenty of lying, treacherous women that will play this game, as we’ve seen over and over again in the media.

Men should lawer up and go on the offensive in these situations, and not allow the accusers to get away with their lies. Not only should they defend themselves against the accusations, but then should turn around and sue the liars for a hefty sum, and put them on the defensive and in the media spotlight.

We need to develop better strategies for putting together legal funding and lawyer teams for the purpose of aggessively responding to these situations. This will make those using this strategy think twice before engaging in these types of destructive tactics.

This is used to take out key allies in order to silence their voices. Look at what happened in the aftermath of the Trump victory. Men on the right came under brutal attack, and many of them were pressured to step down from their positions in response to them. There is no doubt in my mind these were co-ordinated attacks.

Social network attacks

Social networking sites, led by Twitter, have been aggressively attacking and silencing voices on the right in order to keep their ideas out of the court of public opinion. If a voice isn’t heard, it can’t generate curiosity and interest to examine its validity. Calling it policing of “hate speech” is how they attempt to hide their hatred of Christians and all those supporting Western civilization.

There are a couple of ways of dealing with this. The first is to communicate without the parameters of the terms of service in order to be allowed to be allowed to remain on the platform, or go all out and stretch the limits to see how far you are allowed to go. Sometimes you’re given a warning, other times you’re outright banned

If you don’t already know, hate speech is the new buzz word for those that won’t go along with the left. Calling it hate speech is just another way of attempting to intimidate the right into silence, or pressure the right into talking about “safe” topics that won’t allegedly offend them.

One thing you can be sure of, don’t think because you’re well known or followed by a lot of people that it’ll save you from being removed from a social networking platform.

Even major YouTube personalities have been removed and/or demonetized in order to keep them from airing their opinions; even if it’s done in jest. In some cases they’ve had millions of subscribers to their channels.

My answer to that is not to monetize your YouTube channel to the point of depending upon it for your main income source. Instead, develop another channel for the purpose of generating revenue; a channel that has nothing to do with your opinions or viewpoints on the culture, Christianity, or Western civilization.

I’m not aware of Google suspending channels that have nothing to do with political or cultural issues. There are a few, but not many.

My viewpoint is this. Why go through the process of building a nice following on YouTube or another social networking platform and engage in behavior you know is risky? If it makes a nice chunck of money, there is no way it’ll be allowed to go forward for a long period of time because of the SJWs that patrol these platforms for the purpose of turning you in to those in charge of the platforms.

They not only do this individually, but they do it in large groups and then agree to send a bunch of e-mails together in order to make it look like the general population opposes what’s being said, when in reality it’s a committed group of fanatics that won’t stop attacking until they get you silenced, positioning themselves as representing far more numbers than they really do.

The worse thing is now they’re going after registrars, which are those that provide services so you can have a website on the Internet. The goal there is to try to get them to remove a website that isn’t approved of by the left in order to totally remove their voices from the marketplace of ideas.

What has to happen here is to build alternative platforms that remove the ability of our enemies from crushing our voices of dissent. That will take time. For now, having some backup accounts that can be used to remain in the battle is about all you can do.

But even with that, if we continue to hit on the same things we have been speaking about, it won’t be long before those accounts are removed as well. We have to choose what battles to remain in and which ones to let go. In this case we have to count the cost and see if it’s worth losing our accounts over.

That’s why I think we should have an account or two that are more aggressive, and others that aren’t. That way we can stay in the battle, adding our voice to things we still support or want to speak against, but can do so while maintaining our accounts.

The other thing is while social networks have a place, I don’t see them as important as writing on your own blog, maybe building up your own e-mail list, and communicating primarily through those means. Writing for another popular blog platform is a good idea as well.

I do all the above, and they provide a more consistent avenue of communication, as well as effect, than social networking does.

Social networking should primarily be to trigger our enemies without getting banned, or to demoralize them by letting them know we will never back down. This doesn’t have to be done directly; as a matter of fact, it’s far more effective when being communicated to our supports for the rest of the world to see.


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Physical threat

There are a couple of things to consider in regard to the physical threat of the left, which is very real. First, for the relatively few people on the right that want to speak in venues that are generally hostile to them, it’s getting hard to do so without being turned down because of the supposed inability to provide security that would protect them.

While this is a problem, it’ isn’t that big of a deal because it involves few people, and it has already shown the public that the left is getting out of control. The court of public opinion is a powerful one, and if it turns against the left, which I think, over time, it will, it will undermine much of their physical threats, and provide an opportunity for college students in particular to hear a message of hope, along with a positive and sane future.

As for peaceful rallies, it’s going to continue to be hard to be involved with those because of the mob mentality of the left, which isn’t afraid to brutally attack those they don’t agree with.

Once again, a person has to count the costs and be aware of their strengths and limitations, as there is a very real chance you could come under physical attack. Also, people should never go alone to these events, they should go as a group and have an exit plan in place if our enemies try to escalate or interfere with a peaceful protest.

There’s value to the left getting violent, which is those that are unaware of how dark and evil they are, can plainly see how despicable they have become, and start to reject their use of violence to silent the opposition. It would probably also put pressure on liberal mayors and others to ensure the police force doesn’t stand down when citizens are in danger.

For now I wouldn’t count on any police force to protect you, although that is different from city to city. Just ask yourself if it’s a liberal town, which the best measure to use to determine that would be if it’s a university town or not.

The point is, don’t underestimate the pure and unadulterated hatred the left has after its stunning and surprising defeat at the hands of the American people via the rise of Donald Trump to the presidency. It’s hard to explain the hate and anger seething in these people, whom only look to politicians and government as the solution to their problems, and the means of implementing their sick and demented policies they support.

We aren’t fighting for a draw – but for total victory.


The left is essentially throwing a giant temper tantrum because after many years it hasn’t been able to gain more than about 50 percent of the support of the American people, and when you exclude illegal immigrants, it is less than that.

They’ve just about taken over every institution there is to take over, and even after that, they are now seen to be weak and ineffective; bad for the U.S. in particular, and the world in general.

This is why they’re going crazy the schools, churches, media and government entities they control, as they see the tide turning against them, and the vision they had for the world and Western civilization, starting to evaporate right before their eyes.

This is going to be a long battle, but I have no doubt we’ve turned an historical corner, and we’ll slowly start to see things turn around for the better.

One thing we must do is get rid of any sense of mercy to our enemies, in the sense of being nice to them after we win the war. I’m not talking about providing food, water or clothing for them if they’re in need, which those of us who are Christians are required to do, I’m talking about totally destroying their world view and not allowing the culture they’ve tried to impose on us, our children and our grandchildren, be given enough room to take root, fester and permeate the church, U.S., Western civilization, or the world, again.

It’s to the knife, and we should do nothing less than demand and enforce unconditional surrender from and upon them. We owe it to God, our families, our friends, and nation, to do this. Only total victory is acceptable.


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