Survival Tip: Two SHTF DIY Light Options

Sensible Prepper Presents: Survival Tip: SHTF Light options. DIY Emergency Lateran and make-shift Flashlight.

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  • Voha Star

    Super idеaS!!!)) Like!

  • TheyKNOWandYOUdont

    LOL…you and I are over 45…these kids don’t know who Macgyver is… they?

    He is pre internet.

  • MrHamAndPrepper

    The Sootch sheds a little light on SHTF .

  • SkinnyMedic

    I really like the head lamp!

  • ebomey

    Imagine the extra benefits of strapping your head lamp to a vodka bottle! 🙂

  • Frederick Kaludis

    Don, as a scout master I learned this trick, but it’s not common knowledge but it works. 
    I always used a light-stick to light my tent, they worked well and help to use up my older light-sticks.  They do give off a lot of light.  Why not hang a light-stick in a bottle of water, got to test that my self.  I keep light-sticks in my medical bag for wound repair because they give off so much area light and replace them every few years. 
    I do have head lamps but I also use two small mini flashlight attached to my helmet using adhesive cable tie anchors (black) and cable ties(black). 
    I have to use shoe-goo to hold the cable tie anchors on the helmets as the original adhesive is crap. 
    One other thing I was looking at lighting my gun safe so I tested out the .99 cent LED puck stick up lamps.  spend more then .99 cent to light your safe!  They failed in the gun safe but the extras work well if you just side a bottle of water on top of them, OK battery life and just enough light to not step on the dogs tail.  But not to much that they will yell to the bad guys “hey I home” I like a 45ACP  to do that.

  • LTGOneill

    I would say if McGuyver did that, we’d be disappointed and his show would be cancelled.  Finding a 3v bulb is not going to be so easy; probably easier to tape the broken flashlight together in that case.  However, it’s not a bad tip for people, the reflection on a water bottle was definitely a good rigged diffuser.  I would say that in SHTF, you are likely to find a light bulb in a derelict vehicle’s brake light or headlamp; of course, those would require 12v, but are easy to find.  If the vehicle is disabled, take the car battery and a headlamp, it’ll easily serve as a light indoors.

  • Jerry Nski

    good info

  • aerosaaber

    Reminds me of the guys who use a soda bottle w/ water and a little bleach as a “sky light” in poor countries. It is a pretty ingenious little idea.

  • rogerwilco99

    A headlamp also makes a fair tent light if you hang it from the center of the tent. It’s not that bright. But at least you can see to get ready to sleep or to dress before dawn.

    Don’t arc the paper clips to both ends of the batteries. You can drain a lot of the battery life that way, up to 30%, very quickly.

    You can also do that with a single CR123 battery and a regular flashlight bulb.

  • mustangsuzie7

    Great ideas! MacGyver rocks!!

  • Skills2Survive

    Awesome…  I never thought about that.

  • Gear Runner

    I love videos that actually teach me something thats useful thank you

  • Deborah Gonzalez

    add a cut piece of toilet paper roll to funnel the light..

  • tandua

    what is “shtf” initials refer to?q

  • Mary Cox

    like battery flashlight idea. I have some copper wire from my day I am going to try this and see how it works

  • 415 Mazer

    wonderful, love your outtakes

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