Survival Tip D Cell Battery Hack

Sensible Prepper Presents: Survival Tip: D Cell battery Trick. If you have a Flashlight that uses two D Cell batteries and only have one, this trick will allow you to get around it.

All you need is a Flashlight that uses two D Cell batteries, One D Cell Battery and some aluminum Foil.

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  • Reality Survival

    Cool trick! Hadn’t seen that before. Unfortunately I have dumped most all my old incandescent lights. Unjust love the new LEDs!

    • Kevin Burgess

      An LED will fit in there and work just fine, just solder one in the bulb socket.
      The only complicated part is polarity, but that’s a 50-50 proposition: If it doesn’t work one way, reverse it. You can use foil direct to the battery to test which way is best. All LED’s are direct-current (DC), just like all your batteries. 
      They make small angle-replicas with just the LED, but I have the old torches from my own time in service.
      The only issue I have with modern LED flashlights is that they all tend to use small short-life AAA batteries. That’s great for weight if you’re packing out with your BOB in survival mode. I have many of them, one for every activity, mobile or house bound. The more LED’s, the shorter it lasts.
      Try to use a little LED lamp to fix something in the dark, away from the grid for a hours at a  time, and you’ll be wanting something more substantial.

      PS: Because the D-cell will hold up longer you can keep these old surplus angle flashlights around to power other devices as well, with just a few wires with clips on them.

    • MountainRecluse

      +Selfmade Scout YES! Maglite D cells! Their updated LED’s are great and cheap. Available everywhere. Out of all the tactical lights I have with crazy lumens that take the lithium batteries…..a 3D Maglite LED is my #1 choice for post-apocalypse. Yeah buddy. Love ’em!

    • Jennifer Stelzer, Licensed Massage Therapist

      Great tip!! We still have our old school 3 & 4 D cell Maglights-with their heft they do double duty as protection 🙂

  • rogerwilco99

    Another trick is you can put a AA or C cell battery in the center of that aluminum foil, too, for more power. You can use two C cell batteries in one of these flashlights if you don’t have any D cells.

    Dorcy Direct has LED conversion bulbs for this flashlight that increase the battery life by about 10X and also improve bulb life by about 100X. They cost about $6.


    I think they need to make them in this shape again. It was a great design.

  • bbmize

    There has to be a way to mod one to be LED. Then you could use the empty battary housing to store survival gear in.

    • Tom Angle

      I might have to try that today since it is raining.

    • MrHub929

      +Tom Angle Mag light 2 D cell LED bulb from walmart. Should be the same bulb, Go buy it and swap it out. May be a little brighter, but should last a lot longer!

  • Pursuing Outdoors

    Awesome Sootch! Thanks for sharing! -Woody

  • Counter Tyranny Ops

    Nice 😀

  • Isaac Lewellen

    What’s funny is the light doesn’t really look dimmer with one battery. I have three of these lights still and I can’t throw them out either. They are just too handy and also durable. 

  • Gerald Thomas

    I loved my old military flashlight. I’m going to find some surplus ones and see if I can modify them to run on LED. Thanks Sootch!

    • coojsta69

      Please post a video if it works out …i would be interested to see it

    • petros311

      +Gerald Thomas they are already brands that made military angle head flashlights like the Mil-Scpec and Mil-tec check them out, they are not expencive, i have the 2D cell TL-122 from Mil-Tec it has 5 led instead the incadescent bulb, much better light and with all the advantages of the military flashlight. but i dont know if the batteries deplete faster than the incandescent lamp.

  • erintreez

    what about replacing the bulb with an equivalent led?

  • Dick Tickles

    IMO, these flashlights are worthless compared to the LED’s available today. Having said that, there are devices that use D cells like camping lanterns or boomboxes that could have a use in a survival/SHTF situation. I found on amazon AA to D adapters that are super cheap, like under a dollar per adapter and the shipping is free.

    Yeah, they’re made in China, but they work well and what’s great about them is you can use the rechargeable AA batteries in them so you don’t get weighed down with alkaline D batteries. The kind I like the most are the adapters that use two AA’s instead of the adapters that only use a single AA battery. The extra run time is always welcome and the great thing is you don’t have to use two AA batteries; you can use one battery, but the adapters give you the option of using one or two AA’s while the single AA to D adapters only give you the choice of using one battery.

    Here’s the link for those interested:

  • Ripescribe

    I love elbow lights too. I picked up an LED replacement bulb for mine and works great.

  • brosrcool

    I don’t know the effects of an EMP on our new flashlights it might it might Fry the circuitry and make the new ones useless the old army one would last just fine and would not be affected by any EMP IMO I’m no expert.

  • GUNSmedia

    Nice trick. You can also make some fire using 0000 still wool, removing the bulb, Please some steel wool, turn on switch, al will creat Sparks into the steel wool. Just my 2 cents.

  • arosenberger87

    They are great. Wouldn’t take much to convert it to led and lithium batteries…

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