Survival Kit Backpack for Two

Sensible Prepper Presents: The Guardian Elite 2 Person Survival Kit from A ready made way to get started being prepared for those who find themselves too busy. Get free shipping when you enter "Giveaway" at checkout.

Survival Goods Website:

Guardian Elite 2 Person Kit:

Thanks For Watching~ Sootch00

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  • James White

    Add some socks, underwear, ferro rod and a decent fixed blade knife of your choice and that’s a solid start.
    Great Review! Thanks Much!

  • TryNsurviveN

    Nice starter kit to get you going. They have definitely left room for upgrades as time and budget allows.

  • tyler ortiz

    Scootch have you ever thought about labeling your own brand of backpacks and or survival gear ??

    People like you, trust you, could be a really successful business venture doing what you love

    • Adrian Whitmire

      I agree with this fully…make some money Scootch. Also, help people get prepared. You have a gift of communication and sense for the people’s needs

    • That Dude

      You really should cause you actually know what your doing unlike some people
      And if you do at least make it under $100 please

    • sathivel chandran

      Nice video. You may also want to checkout the review of survival kit on my blog at *bryanreviews. com/survival-kit-review/* Thanks, Hans-Peter.

  • Spike T

    2 day 72 hour bag. Flux capacitor included?

  • 19brownboy81

    Please do an URBAN get home bag. I’m curious as to what you would put in one.

    • Stance Punk

      +19brownboy81 Multi-tool is much more important than a knife in Urban areas.

    • 19brownboy81

      +Stance Punk I can totally agree with that. A knife if only good for a last line of defense in an urban setting.  

    • Player 1

      +19brownboy81 Not true, get a large, quality, sturdy knife and you have a pry bar, glass breaker, hatchet, shovel, mallet, etc. etc.

    • 19brownboy81

      +Player 1 I’m of the belief that a pry bar is best for prying not a knife. The cutting edge on a knife is too important to mess up using it as a pry bar or shovel. And in the city a pry bar will be way more useful than a large knife. A large knife is really only for defense in my opinion.

    • sumon ahmed

      You can get Survival kit discount at *tinyurl(dot)com/hpny5g4*. Upto 90% off. Thanks, Blair.

  • kenton Fielding

    I would advise people to create their own bag. Don’t buy cheap products. Amazon has great items and low prices.

  • rock valley ready

    your BOB will never be perfect.. I add and change as needed or as I find something with more uses..

  • Nat

    Having all the essentials in one bag could be a bad idea because what if your group gets split up only one member has what they need to survive

  • Vlad NWA

    Im sure someone has asked but what about creating a bug out bag for your child something they can carry

  • flatpat

    In other words buy everything at the little camping section at Wal Mart and put in in a backpack

  • Orhtej Zeid

    big fan from phillippiines cebu like ur video

  • Bushcraft & Banjos

    The bloopers are great. I’ve enjoyed your videos for several years. Helps the small fish realize that doing reviews doesn’t always go the way we foresee it. I usually try recording reviews on the fly, but realize a simple set of notes doesn’t hurt. I just started up a channel in spring 2016, and so far, only use my phone to record. I think this setup could be a suitable gift for those of us having trouble with our family/friends…loved ones, (significant others), getting on board to being prepared. Or for a back up. Either way, nice review of a simple option to consider. Can’t go wrong with keeping up w/Sootch00 or Sensible Prepper! Take care-

  • F1ght1ngF1sh

    Can somebody give me a link to the little pouches of water

  • Anthony Gomez

    Fisher you can get those from any emergency food co. those waters are great

  • Jerry Slone

    big fan of you

  • Jerry Slone

    can you send me one of your bug out bag I’m a big fan of you

  • Darkened Gaming

    He said he has this 2 day bag, and he said it’s for 72 hours😂boy!!?!?

  • Stephen Post

    a 2 day bag that works for 72 hrs? really? I’m just joking around, another great video, thanks

  • JR MTG

    hmm… waaay over priced. did it with similar items for just under half that amount.

  • Rendy Kediri

    Thanks for the video content! Apologies for butting in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you heard about – Lammywalness Your Dream Guide (just google it)? It is an awesome one off product for discovering how to get a a FREE Edt multitool survival tool without the normal expense. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my old buddy Taylor finally got excellent results with it.

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