Survival Fire Kit

Sensible Prepper Presents: "The Survival Fire Kit". Fire is one of the most important Survival tools and having multiple ways to start a fire can be key to Survival.

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  • bibleprophecy1st

    Can I make a few suggestions without you getting upset? The cotton balls can be compressed much smaller to conserve space as well as keeping them water proofed. Intenseangler makes videos very much like yours and this one is about the multiple uses for drinking straws.
    Awesome Uses For Drinking Straws – “Tip Of The Week” E35

    Also I saw an airforce survival teacher/expert that had a paracord lanyard with the fire steel and piece of a hack saw blade like yours. The only difference was that he also had a piece of fatwood cut to the same length as the fire steel with a hole drilled in it to attached to the lanyard. He used the hacksaw blade to cut a groove in a log, and then he scraped some dust from the fatwood about the size of a quarter with that blade fitted in the groove. He then just scraped the fire steel on that blade held by the log and ignighted the fatwood dust that burned a long time. It was the way he showed how to start a fire with one hand. I think fatwood is greatly underestimated as a tinder and you can buy a 10 lb box of it for less the 20 bucks online. By shrinking the size of your cotton balls like intenseangler and possibly taking out your second lighter ot firesteel you could have several peices of fatwood that would last much longer and work just as well if not better then just the cotton balls as a tinder source. You have plenty of ways to ignite your fires but your tinder is a bit short in my opinion. You only have the cotton balls and trioxine tablet which is for cooking really. Just saying for some ideas.

    • SensiblePrepper

      +bibleprophecy1st Why would I get upset? Lol!

    • Charles Barnett

      +bibleprophecy1st Fatwood is only pine with lots of pine sap in it my father called it rich pine and it is often found in the wood in old pine stumps. Some things to be aware of are that some litters that use lighter fluid will let the fluid evaporate zippo is one of the worst for that. some of the Butane lighters are very reliable Bic is still the best get the original ones with no safety features or adjustable flames the they are still the best of all, always have two that are new. Regular matches have become very unreliable I think because of overzealous safety regulation and the so called waterproof strike on box matches sold as survival matches are useless if the striking strip gets wet. Strike anywhere matches are almost worthless now you are lucky if they will strike on the box.. That is why you must have multiple fire starting methods.

    • Shannon Wilkerson the boss

      +Charles Barnett another name is lighter knot

    • Grizzly Country

      Did the air force survival instructor also cover what to do in the event of a real air force emergency such as the air conditioner not working? 😂

  • JC Wood

    I like to include birthday cake candles. Small enough to carry a few and do the trick in a low wind situation. They keep a flame for a good while and once the tinder starts you can toss the rest of the candle in to help the fire build on itself. It’s hard to beat jellied cotton balls but like the most important thing you said, it’s good to vary your options.

    • matt hombre

      JC Wood
      I prefer to Carrie those small circle candles that have the aluminum case around them so that you can lay them on the ground even if it’s wet

  • Australia Outdoors

    That’s a very big flint and steal

  • David Trommler, DC

    Put a small piece of aluminum foil in the kit to start the fire on wet ground

  • Torrey Jones

    Do those Numyth lighters dry out, or does that gasket prevent the lighter fluid from evaporating? I carry a zippo lighter, but have to refill it every week because it evaporates so quickly…

  • JaredNoska

    instead of vaseline cotton balls, (if you have it in your area) stock on very thin strips of dry birch bark. that stuff ignites like gasoline. always have had good experiences with it.

  • Larry Acridge

    I know this video is nearly 3 years old but, fantastic setup you have here and I’ll be following this layout you have here. Thanks for the great review.

  • janschutz174

    The Big Texan 🙂

  • Scott Campbell

    I also bring birch bark it’s water proof

  • Robert Miller

    add some waxed jute cord and a few pieces of fat wood

  • 417 SURVIVAL

    Thanks for another great informative video, I have always been able to get something useful from everyone of your videos, keep’em comin! Not only do I have a fire kit very much like this one, but I have almost an insane number of fire kits all are basically the same…..I have at least 3 ways to make fire, but one kit may have Vaseline cotton balls/cotton facial pads w/small slivers of good dry wood or maybe dryer lint and fat wood or even steel wool and a 9 V battery there’s so many different variances a person can come up with redundancy is very important when it comes to making fire and not keeping all your fire kits in one bag is very important to make sure that you will be able to StarFire no matter if you’re with your bag or you get separated from camp get caught in a storm for your main primary kit is in your backpack at base camp or for whatever reason redundancy is key for most everything that you carry but especially for fire thanks again for your videos!

  • Bryan Stewart

    Nice kit!! I know this is a survival channel but I am a hiker and I carry multiple ways to start a fire. The days it rains all day and can’t get a fire started I know for a fact can be miserable nights.

  • IamNemoN01

    I like those plasma arch lighters, because they can be charged with any USB device (and solar charger), making them potentially last forever without “fuel”. You should also be able to fit one of those small collapsable bellows in your kit. Being able to blow a direct stream of air on your embers is very useful for getting a fire going, or rejuvenating an old fire.

  • olacop

    what exact pocket organizer is that? I’ve seen two sizes. thanks for the videos you make.

  • Jeff Dunn

    Instead of cotton balls, I’ve been using dryer lint smothered in vasoline.  I also sometimes stuff it into a toilet tissue tube.

  • Hydrogen Cyanide

    what about electric lighters what is your oppion on them.

  • Dee Price

    could you use a steel wool and a 9 volt battery

  • Jase Amcroja

    strike anywhere matches better

  • QuikBullets

    The numyth lighters are £60 but in merica it is $25, rip

  • Steve Yeater

    My main fire kit fits in a copenhagen tin (make sure it has the plastic bottom so it is waterproof) that goes in my pocket. Here is what I have all together.

    On my person.
    Zippo lighter
    Ferro rod in my knife sheath
    Two cotton balls with vaseline in a little container that goes through my belt loop

    Copenhagen tin
    mini bic lighter wrapped with some duck tape
    Fat wood shavings
    cotton rounds with vaseline

    Small altoids tin (that stays in my pack)
    Fat wood
    tin foil
    fresno lens
    bic lighter
    2 tea candles
    small ferro rod

    I also keep a zip fire starter in the pack for when I need a fire now and might need to get wet wood to burn.

    I could do without the altoids tin, but it is small and doesn’t weigh anything, plus I can use it to make char cloth or something similar.

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