Super Small 22 Suppressor

Sensible Prepper Presents: The Sound of Silence. The Super Small 22 Suppressor in a Ruger 10/22. Wheaton Arms is a full service gunsmith and custom gun builder who also has a Class 3 license. Here we are testing out this 22lr prototype.

Wheaton Arms:

Thanks For Watching~ Sootch00

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  • ericplatham

    .22 a little more available??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??? Can’t find any in massachusetts. Yes, I live in the ultra liberal state. We need more like minded people to move here and shake things up.

    • ericplatham

      It takes time to find it in Mass. And then, we are paying between up to $65 for 550 rounds. Going to Maine is an option, always loved going to Kittery Trading Post. As for Gun Broker, one of the many rules in Massachusetts is that you cannot buy ammo from an online retailer. They would have to send it to an FFL for transfer. Now I can get my C&R license and I would be able to order as much as I want then. But then I would be jumping through even more hoops to practice what is a basic right.

      Hence why I said we need more gun owners in this state to help right the ship…

    • john john

      And why would me move to Massachusetts, LoL

      Just maybe you should get out of Massachusetts

    • ericplatham

      +john john last I checked, I live in a state that needs more people to stand up and fight for everyone’s rights. Moving out of state would mean that I concede to the notion that this country cannot get better.

    • john john

      Well, I guess its your choice. Live in a state that respects the 2nd Amendment or live in a state that is outright hostile to gun owners. I say vote against Massachusetts gun laws by moving to a state that doesn’t penalize the law abiding for the acts of the guilty; Or you can go to your polling place and vote against more stringent gun laws and see where that gets you. Wishing you the best!

    • ericplatham

      +john john All states that are hostile to the 2A are worth fighting for. We are, in fact, the United States of America.

  • Atouk

    The tic from the empty chamber hammer drop is louder than the report from a live round being fired.

  • Jay

    Shall not be infringed 🙂

  • Wembley Miranda

    tem dó!!!! silenciador pra 22 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk faz um bom pra uma arma potente e ai posta

  • sumaker211

    never thought that’s could be like that . I’ld be glad to have one like that guys !!!

  • Devin Myles

    is this still available

  • Hunter Ross

    What suppressor is that

  • George Caldwell

    What type of suppressors is it?

  • homero cardenas

    muy bueno!!!!

  • 82raptor

    You guys need a BX-25 mag on that thing.

    • Eric King

      82raptor I’ve got several of em.Oddly enough,Champion just came out with a 30rnd.mag for 12bucks.I’m VERY impressed.No fte’s,no ftf’s,they cycle VERY reliably and are smaller but hold more….AWESOME!!

  • Sneaky Demon

    can’t find this in the store I want 2

  • Tom Measor

    I had a rifle like this with a silencer in my teens – all legal, I had a firearms certificate then. Wouldn’t have one now though, dangerous and people try to break into your house to steel it if they find out you have one.

  • Tomasz Gumowski

    It is monocore ?

  • Vít Repa

    ca u please show whats inside him ?

  • keith freeman

    A long time ago, several years, I build a .22 muffler, using PVC plastic pipe, metal screen, steel wool and a couple of live rubber gaskets. pipe cut to 8inches, screen rolled up the length of the pipe minus a few inches inches, steel wool made into 2 donut shapes. all stuffed into the tube . the rubber gaskets with a .25 inch hole in them. Put a wool dowel in the middle and build around it. slip over the front sight and a quarter turn slot. Worked like a charm for rat wrecken. Found out how bad it would be if i had it now , so I destroyed it. Shorts in a long barrel rifle makes less noise that a CO2 pistol. This is what i used now for them rats.

  • sean stewart

    What jacket did that guy have & where to get this suppressor?

  • Hao are You

    0 damage

  • Prionel

    Looks and sounds great.
    How do you mount it? Looks like you have to machine the tip of the Ruger 10/22 barrel to fit the silencer. Is there a way to use an adapter with your silencer?
    Do you help with the paperwork

  • Manolo Ramirez

    that mark is the suppressor

  • Manolo Ramirez

    the gun that you are using is called

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