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I have been working on this list for about a month. A lot of research has gone into this. All of the items listed here are not only what I have seen, but what I have been told as well. These hard to get items are not in just one particular area either. You might find some of these items in your area all the time and other items not at all.



  • Eyes 2 C

    For Washing clothes without a board. 5 gallon bucket with lid. Make a large enough hole in lid. Stick a clean plunger in it. It will agitate the clothes. Use another bucket with clean water to rinse.

    • Anna Gutierrez

      @just me how do u use it? U stir the clothes in the water with it ??

    • just me

      @Anna Gutierrez Put clothes in a bucket (around 5 to 6 gallons) with the heat of water you want, and take the plunger and work it up and down. If you put in too many clothes at one time, it will not work well. The clothes rubbing against each other, is what actually cleans the clothes, so too many clothes won’t blend enough to wash. Don’t pull the plunger out all the way, or you will have water everywhere. I had to wash my blankets in a big tin tub, and hand on the laundry line. You don’t have to use too much strength, and it would be good for someone in a group, who can’t do heavy chores.

    • Anna Gutierrez

      @just me ty

    • just me

      @Anna Gutierrez Hope it was helpful. I’ve done laundry on rocks in a river, on a washboard, an old ringer washer, in a bucket with a plunger, old galvanized wash tubs and a bathtub/sink. I have one of those fancy new washers, now, and a dryer.

    • Susan Cresswel

      Just like our grandmother’s used to do what goes around comes around

  • Lynn Tomk

    This is the reality. I think everybody has that little voice saying the same thing. Either way the election goes will not matter. There is going to be trouble. You’d have to live under a rock not to know what’s going on or see what’s coming. 6 weeks to get what you need. Amazon carries WATER BOB it’s a bladder that fits in your bathtub. It has a tube you attach to the bathtub facet. It holds 100 gals of water. Run out of water you can use the water in your water heater. Don’t use the water in the back of the toilet. Stop worrying about tools and wisks, get WATER and FOOD the other stuff is not important.

    • BE the Light :D

      @Kathy Breton it’s been proven they are chemtrailing nanobots, lithium (yikes) and other nasties. Given the alleged “brain eating amoeba” that killed a boy in Texas, proven or not, the water supply was cut off entirely, in a hot minute. Water supplies can be tainted sooo easily. Check out for details on Miracle Mineral Solution’s healing effects but ALSO water purifier qualities: 1 drop purifies a gal of water. His mates were cured of malaria in FOUR hours. It’s cheap to get and worth it’s weight in gold

    • Anna Gutierrez

      @jk co I thought u can’t use camping stove with propane in-doors due to the dangerous fumes

    • Anna Gutierrez

      @v reese fill bottles up with water and put under ur bed. Any space u have..

    • jk co

      @Anna Gutierrez I don’t use it indoors 🙂

    • jim woods

      @v reese Don’t use garbage bags for any kind of food or water storage! They are processed with a chemical to kill or slow bacteria that is growing in the garbage. You will need to buy bags that are food safe. No you won’t die but it could make you or someone who has poor health miserable. This is one I found on Amazon … 5 Gallon Bucket Liner Bags for Marinating and Brining, Food Grade, BPA Free, Extra Heavy Duty Leak Proof 24 PACK, Great for Food Storage. Costs $15.00

  • Candace B

    Most people whose heads aren’t in the sand know “something ” is coming. And we fear its not good. You’re surely not alone. I wish i lived next door to you and some others. Strength in numbers! 🌻🇺🇸

  • J B

    I would add maybe a few sheets of plywood in case a window breaks or you need to board up something

    • Shelly G

      @mindy watkins $225 in Massachusetts

    • Jeffrey Coulter

      @Lovin ItAll so you can build your coffin. Best to get prepared now, before you forget your name

    • Jeffrey Coulter

      @grinning owl all good points

    • grinning owl

      @Jeffrey Coulter Why bother? After the zombies eat you, they will use the coffin to haul away your preps. :-O

    • Horses In Heaven

      @mindy watkins $365! in Canada…and that’s reduced from a friend .
      Try to keep 2 year’s minimum.
      GENERATOR✔️ Animals/people need water out of the well and the water pump won’t work without power.
      Gasoline for generator and extra for vehicle. No power=No gas pumps.
      Oil lamps and fuel.

  • Kathleen Elliot

    Solar lights you can use them in the house at night, toothache medicine, temporary fillings for teeth, sun screen, Enjoyed your video very much. Keep your faith in God. Blessings and peace your way.

  • Heidi Misfeldt


    • staninjapan07

      While I do not agree that religion needs consideration here (though thinking about one’s life and how we will all be living humbler and more basic lives does), might I suggest the one thing not on the list (apart from God) was this…
      Scale or degree of severity.
      I applaud the lady for taking time to help others and for having the forsight to prepare for hardships that are bound to come.
      The things on the list, though, and the differing situations in which people would need or make use of them, suggest to me that she is thinking to two possible situations but mixing them up.
      In one, life simply becomes harder and some of the basic items become less widely available.
      In the second, though, a survival situation, the like of which would necessitate things like guns or which would be described by phrases like “bug out”, most of what is mentioned here would be left behind as it would either prove irelevant in a sufficiently sever situation or it would be too bulky or heavy to carry, even with an average vehicle (whose range, when fuel is not available, would be very limited indeed).

      Only my thoughts.
      After all, before you meet your God, you will certainly be more concerned with the practicalities of survival.

      I wish everyone the best, and what is that? That we do not end up in a situation in which what she lists becomes necessary. For religious believers, though… better to live and be happy on God’s Good Green Earth than to die a miserable death, no? After all, we will all see, one day, whether or not there is anything waiting for us after death.

    • Greg Thompson

      Bingo !!!!!!!!

    • Mrs. Molehknee

      S Jordan wow how did you end up here? Belief in a higher power than yourself is not religion. Don’t confuse those. Secular universities are religions that indoctrinate vulnerable humans, hmmm might you be one of those?

    • Mrs. Molehknee

      Anonymous Person … brave talk for Mr. anonymous. I don’t blame you for your cynicism and disbelief. I guarantee you believe in evil, hmmm who is the creator of evil things, killing the unborn, human trafficking, corruption? Well, think outside your little box and consider you may be prepping for the wrong thing!

  • linda isaac

    Wasp spray will stop a person where they are. Just a thought.

  • abcxyz

    The mop bucket with the roller for ringing laundry is a brilliant idea 💡

  • Beth C

    Concerning portable toilets. Another option rather then the five gallon bucket is to buy a bedside commode . More comfortable to do your business then sitting on a five gallon bucket!

  • TN Gardener

    We have a round fire pit and at Home Depot they have round grill grates that fit over them, just measure your fire pit first. In the winter my grandma used to heat bricks with dinner and put aluminum around them and a kitchen towel. She would put them at the end of the beds and throw the blankets over them to keep them warm at night. If it’s super cold you can set up a tent in your home and sleep in it.. much warmer than out in the open.

    • Sarah Connor

      @Sally Wolff ooh…never thought of that! Great idea!

    • mini haha

      THANK YOU GRANDMA, you may be my age. My Grandma who used to live in Tennessee also knew the bricks heated for the bed. You just brought back many wonderful childhood memories . THANK YOU

    • elizabeth cope

      Make sure you use fire bricks. MENS mag used cherry pits. Put them in cotton cloth bag & microwaved or put in pan & heated over warm heat, then put in bag.

    • Nellie Farr

      also grew up with brick heated up in coal stove wrap in newspaper then i n old material or towel and in the bed.

    • Nellie Farr

      tearing up old linen sheets or cutting for bandages or to use with a cast iron to wet and and press clothes

  • Deonda Turner

    Also folks, books on gardening, medical books etc. just in case we can’t reference everything off of the internet. Goodwill and used book stores.

    • Mary Vargo

      Im writing down all my recipes, from hand sanitizer, to mouth wash, to rice. Do some research on on what you can forage forage for, wild edibles, how to prepare things like acorns for eating.

    • Mary Vargo

      I’m also writing down patterns to crochet pads, socks, ponchos

  • Ruth Thomas

    Hard to watch her emotional info- keep calm and plan for the worse- pray for the best- 🙏🇺🇸

  • Autumn's Backyard Garden


    • elizabeth cope

      Patrick on Rain Country has built a vacuum sealing chamber that replaces both food saver lids & allows you to seal other jars besides masons up to quart size. Heidi has several videos on it.

    • Aname Aname

      Powells books is the BEST.
      get your survival books there♡♡♡

    • reyn6106

      This was golden info THANKS for sharing your heart with us. I have a lot of this but mine has been a little more haphazard and not as organized. Hats off to you & MANY THANKS!!

    • SprtulLuv

      @Jeaniej Butler Hi,o used a dehydrator and from my understanding. The food last about a year depending on how you preserve the food. In a jar or zip lock bag.

    • The Truth Reviewer

      You’re an angel for giving us this entire list. Thank you!!! ❤ May the Lord Jesus multiply your portion tremendously! ✝️

  • Frugal Five

    Prepping is great and I have been preparing my family for what’s to come but please also believe in Jesus Christ today. He is coming back for his Church very soon. I have a feeling something big is going to happen, powerless from emp, civil war, who knows. Just be prepared!

    • Diana Black

      For God s loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believe in Him should not perish but have eternal life . As we prepare for the physical also prepare for the Spiritual ::: very important . What shall a man give in exchange for his soul .

    • Susan Brodeur

      I would rather be prepared for the worse and go to be with the Lord and not need all the food and supplies. The way I see it, all my prepping stuff will be here for my family and neighbors (and possibly trouble makers) who don’t know the Lord. Giving them time to get right with Him.

    • Frugal Five

      @Susan Brodeur Amen. I have that same idea!

    • Kathy Johnson

      There will be no rapture. Its not biblical. Christians better be strong and be prepared, bc whatever tribulation comes, you will NOT be spared from going through it.

      Christ said, “It will be as in the days of Noah, one will be taken and the other left behind.” The ones taken, as in the days of Noah, were the wicked and unsaved not the saved. The ones left behind in the days of Noah were the righteous SAVED family of Noah!! And Christ’s disciples then asked Him, “Where will they be taken Lord,?” And Christ replied, “Where the carion foul feast.” Soooo to the dead heap pile!!! People don’t misinterpret scripture based on a rapture story invented by a man in 1830.

      When Christ comes back he will come back only ONCE. Those whom are saved will be able to withstand the glory of his coming. Those who aren’t saved will be burnt to ashes by the power of his glory. But, EVERYONE, righteous and unrighteous, will suffer through the tribulation. Jesus is not coming back in some secret mission to take his servants out of this world to safety. And then come back a third time to finally save the rest of the whole world. That’s never what he said. That has never been in the Bible ever. When Christ returns EVERYONE will see Him. And we will fall on our faces, and everyone will call him Lord. The righteoud will live and evil will die by the same glory of his light alone when he reveals himself. There is no rapture so toughen up and get ready to be a servant and light of Christ to people in very dark hard times. Christ warned us of the tribulation, and to get ready.

    • Shanna Coxsey

      @Frugal Five amen….. Look up he fargo. He’s great. Gives me lots of peace 🙏

  • Mitchell Harris

    For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that who ever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life believe in Jesus he’s the way to God if you have a Bible read Matthew 24 the whole chapter fear not God is with us if you don’t know Jesus as your personal Savior and believe in your heart that he’s the son of God repent of your sins He is faithful to forgive us draw near to God He will see us through these hard times God bless

  • Rodney Berry

    Firehouse subs sell their pickle buckets for $3 . These are ” Food grade” buckets

  • Jacqueline Johnson

    I try to tell family and friends they take no notice ,

    • Carolyn Helmic

      They are all coming to your house that’s why!!! We are expecting a total of eight adults and 2 kids. 4 dogs and 2 cats! We won’t feed the pets so they better plan on that food. This Thanksgiving we are going to give then a list of what they should be bringing with them. Including food and water. There will be safety in numbers and everyone is already locked and loaded. Everyone has been trained in classes and go to the shooting ranges often, and are all sharp shooters!!!

    • Diana Black

      When you have done your part 🤗 you can do nothing more. Leave it to God .

    • Jacqueline Johnson

      Thank u Gd point I’ve even tried letting strangers kn and SM folk I kn local very few take notice at least I’m trying

  • Annie B

    In my Very Old Age, I’d like to suggest a thing or two that you youngsters may/may not have thought about.
    Activated charcoal ~ lots of uses – including pulling stingers, thorns and venoms out
    Hair clips ~ especially with our hair growing and being blown into our eyes
    Bandages ~ we ladies made them for the WWII Servicemen & women 100% cotton sheets cut into 3″ strips – rolled & fastened with safety pins
    For parents of young’uns ~ pick up a pair or two of shoes for each child – even if 2nd hand – in larger sizes than what they’re wearing now
    Most important ~ a Bible for each family member, or at least a New Testament with Psalms & Proverbs that will fit into a pocket. If you feel you can’t afford them, you should be able to get good used ones FREE at your thrift shops.

    • Susan Brodeur

      You have reminded me that I need to get myself a new pair or two of shoes. Wear the same old ones around the house. Stay at home most of the time now, so no problem. . OK for working in the garden but should have been replaced months ago. Not one to buy a lot of shoes. Top priority for this week.

    • Annie B

      @Susan Brodeur
      2nd hand boots of some sort from the thrift shop might also be a wise investment.

      A whistle or some kind of noise-maker that would be an “Attention Getter” can be a life-saver in case of an emergency when you’d need help, such as a fall. (Voice of experience here!)

      Oh ~ and do NOT forget SOCKS ~ lots of them ~ nice warm ones, preferably wool!

      Need I say, lots of undies in case we’re without water! Not that anybody asked, but I keep all my old worn-out ones (washed, of course!) so in case of some kind of emergency I can wear them once and toss.

      Most important ~
      Know Jesus = Know Peace
      No Jesus = No Peace

    • the cranky cockneys other channel

      @Annie B thank you Annie 🙏💖💖💖🙏😘

    • Annie B

      @the cranky cockneys other channel
      You don’t sound One Bit “cranky” to me!
      Have a Very Blessed Day!

    • Tamara Hollenbeck

      Soap and duck tape!

  • BE the Light :D

    I was hanging onto a 7 foot curtain rod that fit nowhere in the house except up to the ceiling and recently, loaded it up with TP. I call it my, tower of power. I also bought rods that fit across the back of the hallway closet and loaded them up with TP as well.
    Apt life demands creativity😊
    Loved your list, felt your concern🙏

    • grinning owl

      @BE the Light 😀 You are so right! I just hope I don’t have to resort to using my old bra as a slingshot. LOL

    • BE the Light :D

      @grinning owl 😄😄😄😄😄😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

    • Kem Emerzian

      If worse comes to worse flannel makes good tp. It’s soft and absorbable. It’s easy to wash. Save the rolls of paper for barter.

    • StrawBerryTart


    • grinning owl

      @StrawBerryTart You can use fewer paper towels by draining your bacon on wire racks placed over a larger dish or baking pan. Then pour the bacon grease into a mason jar and refrigerate it. Use it later for sauteing, frying, and seasoning vegetables. My mom used to drizzle a tiny bit on our dog’s food to make the cheaper brand dog foods more appetizing. She also claimed it made his coat shine.

  • Penjer1


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