Solo Overnight: Tiny Cabin vs Hammock Camping

Join us for a cabin vs hammock solo overnight camp. We do a double overnighter, Dad stays in his tiny cabin, and I sleep in a hammock alone under the stars. We go head to head and compare the cabin against the hammock. We both cook up a feast. Dad cooks on his woodstove in the tiny house and I cook on wrought iron skillets. This is camping in lockdown!


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  • TA Outdoors

    Back in the woods next episode for CELTIC ROUNDHOUSE 4!!

    • Bodgecrafter Chris

      Finally been waiting ages for the next episode

    • remco bakker

      Love these kind of videos!!

    • Sadie R. Trego

      Lol Hi TA Outdoors, Ko Sadie Richelle Trego toku ingoa, you were so on point with your dad cooking the simple English meal for dinner 😋😋👩‍🍳 still yum tho and breakfast was 👌 sweet 💖🙏💖🌘

    • Pam Drover

      I love my people doesn’t matter what the demons try and pull, I love you all.God bless you and your families.

    • Milen KrastevMusicOfficial

      What is the point of being to be in nature!And you have a harmful diet??look at what you eat !!

  • cyrus dunn

    u absolutly have an awsome dad hes really a good guy

  • Michelle W

    ““““““““““““““““““““`Can you give us the Onion Gravy recipe?“““““““““““““““““`

  • Oak Knob Farm

    “There is going to be sausages involved somewhere” LOL. You certainly know your Dad well. Fun video, be well.

  • Wilderness Adventures UK (WA:UK)

    Graeme is brilliant! Had me in stitches when he blew out the candle! I love that he’s so full of joy!

  • MJF Mat

    Our cocker spaniel J I was fast asleep and then you blew that Leaf and he went mental 😂🤣😅

  • 444chains

    I want to book a week in the tackle shack, early September. What’s the going rate? 💷

  • Sonya Goughnour

    Creative, and it got us all “out,” for a bit. Really enjoyed the wildlife Graeme. Thanks so much you two for putting this together. Best to you and yours.

  • Linda Catz

    Chair, beer. Beer, chair! You got your priorities straight there, Graeme!

  • James Williams

    Graeme is a hoot. Always enjoy watching him and his antics

  • Rhonda Withington

    I’m so glad to see your dad, he makes me chuckle everytime. After covid you should still do some of these episodes. Stay safe and healthy.

  • TetriTek Studios

    11:30 I think I just saw how I’m going to be in the future. Your dad is my spirit animal.

  • William Jensen

    11:20 “chair go’s here, beer go’s there” and hilarity ensues. I needed a good laugh after work. Thanks guys.

  • chiapagringa

    This was great to watch. Your dad is hilarious….chair, beer….beer, chair. Just loved that little fishing shack. Thanks.

  • Scott W.

    i loved 25:40. “oh god its attackin me”

  • Tony Naufal

    Your father is my favorite person in the whole world!

  • Chris G10

    i died laughing when your dad talked of politicians being the only thing that could hurt him outside his shack. It’s an issue literally everyone can relate to.

  • Nakker

    “Chair, beer. Chair, beer. Beer Chair. Fire, Potatoes” Now thats what I call getting your priorities in the right order. Though maybe more beefore next time

  • Sandy's Crafts

    “are we going to end up like a, I am a soft saggy rubber band” Hilarious. Very funny guy. I really thought the comment about Covid not wanting to land on his hand because they are so very dirty funny as well!

  • Eric Wall

    That was a lot of fun gentlemen, your Dad is hilarious.

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