Skunks can eat a BEE HIVE Colony in 3 days!

Looking after the Bees on our 11 acres is a great joy! The INFORMATION we recently discovered explains why the bees are dying in winter. Natural Beekeeping is a great way to live with the bees and enjoy their work!
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    • ron smith

      Online video class available? most are a long way from MO. !!!!

    • Dave Dube

      Could that dead bee have been from a different hive and they eliminated it?

    • woodworkingfan1965

      Heading to Dr Leo’s workshop at the end of October…thanks for the discount! Going to bee awesome!

    • Daniel Jenkins

      Hey Doug have you tried using your manual push mower to mow around the hives. Just curious because I am thinking about trying to do bee keeping and I was thinking that would be a way to keep the grass down with out disturbing the bees to much.

    • OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY

      @Daniel Jenkins put som thick fabric down and rock on top great 👍

  • An-T M

    I have clover but few bees. Upsetting. Lots of frequencies in the air in addition to them chemicals.

  • Anti Social Extrovert

    Makes me wonder how many other books have valuable information removed. That’s truly upsetting.

    • Jumpoff A

      It is almost a conspiracy. That is why we need a forum to express our ideas and problems along with solutions. I see the same thing in genetic engineered vegetables and fruit trees. They try to make a better and stronger plants only to have it where it can not reproduce without you going to the source, the company, for more seed.

    • Miss Liz

      They took Turp – en – tine
      Out of the Merck Manual.
      It heals alot of “things”.

    • Charles Bidwell

      Remember we lost the formula for concrete for 2000 years!

    • Susan Schneider-Baker

      It always bugged me that every year or two college texts were “up-dated” with new information when the reality is that Professors are required to be “Published” every year to keep their jobs.
      So, they change a paragraph or rearrange chapters in the textbooks to “keep them current”. LOL

  • Donna Pope

    I lost my two hives this past spring when the temperature dropped 40 degrees in 8 hours! My mentor also lost many of his

  • Traçy Appelo

    So sorry, we see this a lot in Alaska…love you two like family! Sorry to say like many I’ve become very attached to you guys by watching all your videos 🥰🥰🥰

  • An-T M

    Buy the oldest books. Right now being dumped at goodwill. In the future due to govt control, revisions books will be worth their weight. Treasure them.

    • Ambil Aevus

      Can also find on eBay.
      For example, search by “world civilizations”.
      I collect dictionaries and even word meanings are changing.

    • 1william B

      Ambil Aevus I’m glad you brought this up ,yes I have seen and read in meetings ,the language we know today will change ,meaning all ,
      That will impact the world in a whole new way ,testing for the young ,and college will not be required anymore, matter of fact it’s starting now in some states, 20-50 years from now the human race would of changed so much we would be , for example capared to cars back in 1940 s to now , not only on earth will be so different , but in space ,colonies for all will be . That’s in the workings now with quite a few companies you guys are or should be aware of . So keep pushing ahead , have confidence in yourself, and always try to improve no matter what you like doing.

    • 1william B

      Margaret Bedwell I’m not sure your age not important,but advice would be live a long and generous life ,never worry for things out your control, the world is to big to have any of this stop you. But you do need a plan and a way of doing it. Make it simple and only do what’s in your control , money plays a big part , if your young start saving up , older you should be ok. live off grid,plant your own foods,hunt animals, etc.. have a great day and good luck .

    • Sherry K

      @Ms Pat I’m doubtful about the “factual” history. Books have been destroyed in the past, as well. History is “his story”.

    • Sherry K

      @Poison Ivy I read McGowan’s book 8 or so years ago. What an eye opener!! I knew there were “family members” in high places but McGowan’s research blew my mind. It should be required reading in every school but they run the content in the schools, too.
      Library is the lie bury. Much truth is in the etomology of the words.

  • Thorn Hedge

    Thank you Doug for your Integrity! Your a good Man! We appreciate you and your efforts at spreading the truth..
    Again: Thanks!

  • Myss Shannon

    Just place sheet of wood underneath the bee platform. That will keep those immediate brushes down and give you a small parameter to weed eat/mow around🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Thorn Hedge

    Hey Doug; if you put the legs of your stands in tin cans and put the diatomaceous earth in them it really keeps the ants out… Dad used to put used motor oil in the cans (didn’t hurt the legs and works on ants and scorpions too)

    • Thorn Hedge

      @Anabela Ramos
      I don’t know of anything that likes used motor oil……

    • Arden Peters

      great idea will start saving cans today. thx

    • Arden Peters

      @Jumpoff A no its not! if it spills it goes into ground water! and bees drown in it

    • Thorn Hedge

      @Arden Peters
      A cup of motor oil spilled on the ground will hardly reach the groundwater. It will be consumed by the microbiota long before it gets there. Bees have no interest in motor oil, they wont drown themselves in anything unless water is unavailable. And having seen this done for years growing up , I know it works very well against Ants. A quarter inch of oil in the bottom of the can is enough to stop them. Water would work but it rots the legs and evaporates too fast.

    • Ana Maria Lewischris

      Great tip. Thanks

  • JulieWilliams NewZealand

    I had no idea Dr Leo was so funny!!!!! It was kinda cool to see you so ‘chilled’ in front of your hives…:)

  • J

    I have tons of bees this year. I have a lot of flowers and plants to draw them but they are everywhere.

    • Renee Brown

      I wish i did. My colony didn’t make it past the hive beetles this summer. Though it was the fact that they couldn’t keep a queen that ended them

  • Richard Robbin

    I love how he used the electrodes to melt the wax onto the frame that was awesome💖

  • Sarah Kimm

    Thank you. I kept vertical bee hives for around 9 years. Learned from my grandfather. You have to take that knowledge and dig deeper. I haven’t had hives for the couple past years with land challenges, but I still have around 50 lbs of honey left HA!. Next Spring I am going the horizontal route and plan on catching swarms. It makes so much more sense and i hate the stresses in managing vertical hives bring to bees and myself. I have bought the books and ready to delve deeper. Thank you for bringing attention to this subject. Mismanagement is a huge issue I think.

  • Robert P

    I have 6 hives now and far and away my best hive is my insulated Layens hive. I converted one of my langstroph hives into a Layens and seems to be doing much better as well! I am in southeast Texas and heat is the main issue. When it got hot they were bearding on my langstroph hives to keep cool but never once bearded on the layens. If the bees have to work less to maintain their temperature they have more time to do more important things! Really looking forward to making splits next year and adding additional colonies. Already built two more insulated layens hives ready for those splits next year! Unfortunately I have had swarm traps up all year and have not yet caught a swarm. But I will have them out again next year!

    • Ana Maria Lewischris

      How did you convert your original hives?

    • Robert P

      @Ana Maria Lewischris I did a cutout for that one. It had a lot of cross-comb and comb with no foundation so I just cut it out of those frames and rubber-banded them into the layens frames. You can just cut the frames and comb with a saw to fit…saw a video of Dr Leo doing just that. However, this hive was kind of a mess already.

  • Daniel Lineberry

    Just got my two hives into the horizontal hives I built, they have been in about 3 weeks now. I checked them on Wednesday, and it was a world of difference in how aggressive they were. With only opening one small area at a time the bees were gentle and did not have to use much smoke at all. I would like to thank Dr. Leo for his website,and all the information he puts out for free.

  • Bottom View Farm

    I wish you guys would have Dr. Leo come back and talk about the honey harvesting process in depth. He is so wonderful and I always LOVE seeing you having him on the homestead.

  • Share some Light

    They are dying everywhere. 5g mixed with chemtrails.

    • Sinister Hippo

      Share some Light you forgot about 1G it brought about the Plague in Europe. 🤣

      “Correlation does not imply causation”

      Good luck. Stay safe.

    • Share some Light

      Sinister Hippo except when it does.

    • Ted Albrecht

      Share some Light and what about the natural occurring radio waves?
      Are they safe cause they are natural?

    • Share some Light

      Ted Albrecht since the ions from the man made radiowaves effect the cell and the mitochondria then yes. They are vastly different.

    • Ted Albrecht

      Share some Light I’m sorry but RF signals are RF signals no matter the source. There are plenty of reasons for the bees to be dying one of the biggest is well the virus that they use to carry on their body but then they we’re exposed to a mite that then ingested the virus and transferred it into the bee through a bite causing their wings to curl and the bee to die. This has been common knowledge since about 2016 or at least I thought it was common knowledge. Now this was our fault because we mixed bees from one area with bees from another area but rest assured it had nothing to do with radio frequency signals.

  • Matthew Myers

    My first year doing bees my wife and I bought two complete langstroth hives and got our nucs. The bees almost made it through winter. Lost one during an early warm spike that turned cold fast, and then during the next was then cold we lost the other. So, I built two langstroth long hives and both hives made it through the next winter, but during the early spring one absconded. Now going into this winter we have three hives and two are in the langstroth longs.

    I’ve learned a ton from you, leo, and a couple others. The local beekeepers near me all do only the traditional hive and we are experimenting and learning. It’s expensive, and much of what you and leo say I’ve learned the hard way and in other areas I do what you two say and it works.

    For spring of 2021 it’s my hope that we will have a slovenian bee house with slovenian bee hives inside it. We are hoping for this, and we are all in with this, and we bought a 32 acre plot of flat land with 30 acres of yellow/red/white clover. Can’t wait to get chickens and maybe even some turkeys and a couple pigs too.

    Great informational videos and one of these days we will make youtube videos. Also, we’re about 4 hours or so north of you. We’re near kc on the Missouri side.

  • Wanda Simons

    I put diatomaceous earth on my horse feed to prevent weevil. It also prevents my horses from getting worms.

    • Leslie Jacobs

      Wanda Simons how much…say per quart of COB…corn, oats, barley..?

    • Wanda Simons

      My method is not very precise! When I open a new bag of feed I add a handful of diatomaceous earth. It is approximately 1/2 cup (I’m guessing) and stir it in as deeply as possible with my hands. As the amt of feed in the bag decreases and I can no longer see the earth on the feed, I add the same amount. I most likely use 1and1/3 cup per bag. I just bought feed and when I add the earth this time I will measure it to figure out exactly how much I add.

  • Elizabeth Holden

    Found my Great Grandmother’s journals from her trip in covered wagon to their land. It has her recipes. How they made it through every high and low. She didn’t keep bee’s because there were wild bee’s.

    • Elizabeth Holden

      @Poison Ivy I have thought about doing something with them but my sisters would have to agree with my plans. Have to figure out how to preserve her knowledge respectively and keep sisters happy.

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