SKS : Prepper Rifle & Tapco Upgrades

Here’s how to get your “Secret Survival Farm” set up…

Sensible Prepper Presents:"SKS: Prepper Rifle & Tapco Upgrades" The SKS is a dependable carbine and great for Home Defense, Adding a number of upgrades can bring this rifle into the 21st Century and make a solid Survival rifle.

A Special thanks to Tapco for supplying the accessories.

Thanks for watching~ Sootch00

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  • Dreadking Rathalos

    is the Yugo SKS worth getting if I only plan to go to the range once a month?

    • Absolute Liberty

      Dreadking Rathalos in my personal biased opinion the Yugo is the best sks out there. The barrel my not be nickel lined but keep it clean and that’s no problem. I keep mine original as possible with the only addion is a quad-rail which just sets over the hand guard and barrel With no damage or doing any mods. It makes it easy to make my sks one long scout rifle with either a red dot or scope mounted closer to the front . By the time I have posted this your most likely enjoying the best semi auto weapon on the planet.

  • Mickey G

    Sks is never in video games. Prob not “glamorous” enough, huh? Lol

  • David Nichols

    I left mine stock but was real fugly so now it’s cammo painted

  • Deplorable Infidel

    love the bloopers. just bought my first norinco sks at gun show this weekend.

  • Kipper White

    TY Great intel so appreciated and idea’s also!

  • Andrew Sanford

    Tapco “upgrades”.

  • Charlie Foxtrot

    bought mine for 180 bucks.

  • Andrew Hal

    God bless USRR

  • John Smith

    great video for me the best install was the extended mag release i love it. also people need to stop paying so much money for stripper clips. people some places want more than $1 dollar for each THAT IS REDICOULOUS . for the peaple that dont know you do NOT NEED A STRIPPER CLIP TO LOAD THESE appently some people think you do yes they are fun and fast but not needed i bought some years ago for less than .10 cents apeice and still havent used them.

    • American Patriot

      Would you be willing to sell the stripper clips that you do have? Also do they work? Some of the newer ones don’t. The military surplus are the best.

    • John Smith

      nope not selling and yes they worked in the 90s most of them have been sealed up in an ammo can with surplus ammo from back then . just use your thumb and load 1×1 i enjoy loading magazine by hand. the day before you go out shooting take your ammo and all your different mags if they are detachable ones( i always shoot multiple guns) and toss em on the floor in front of the tv and reload as your watching something on the dvr then toss em in your range bag or crate and the next day your ready to go just know your laws here in WI i can have loaded mags but i never stick 1 in the gun that way guns not loaded.

  • Aaron Gomez

    So how,hard is it to swap out to e timbers itch stock set? I could not find your video.

  • eric pieper

    The Russian sks are great. Very reliable and easy to shoot

  • eric pieper

    I do not like the detach mags. Rather keep the box top fed mag. Get an ak if you want high cap

  • dsclaiborne31

    You should go with the marcus g3 mag adapter and cut the duck bills off the tapco mags.

  • mermaniel


  • Robert Brown

    tired of plastic crap

  • komnishura

    So stupid to see you holding the mag while shooting.

  • Andrew Thibert

    With the tapco detachable magazine can you still top load like by hand or with a stripper clip ???? Because that would be really cool. You ran out of magazines with rounds in them you could just do that thinking that would be faster than re-loading a mag !! Right?

  • Brad Johnson

    How is the recoil on this?

  • Nasa15

    ominus dominus keep tapco off of us

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